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Exciting New Scrimmage Plan For the Online 2023 Training Center!!!

Welcome to the scrimmage update for the online 2023 Training Center. This update will benefit new users and returning subscribers. The information below describes the scrimmages, the steps to participate, the results, and the rankings.

A scrimmage presents a fun opportunity for subscribers to evaluate their knowledge and prepare for competitions. These planned online tests feature questions similar to those encountered in official competitions. On the designated day, any individual subscriber can log in and take part in the scrimmage. Results are normally posted the following business day, providing participants with insights into their own performance. Scores add to your overall global ranking that accumulates over the course of the year.

Scrimmage Overview:
  • Scrimmage details
    • Website is updated and open with new material August 1st
    • Scrimmages started 8/22/2023
    • 2-3 scrimmages per week
    • Each scrimmage is 1 test
    • Tests are available to take on the given date any time between 12:00 am - 11:59 pm
    • Subscribers can only take each test once
    • Scrimmages are posted to the Tranining Center Calendar
  • 1st planned scrimmage of the week is every Tuesday
    • 35 questions 10 minutes – 5 questions from each category
  • 2nd planned scrimmage of the week is every Thursday
    • 50 questions 15 minutes - from 1 category (math will be 35 questions, literature may be 20 minutes)
    • Scrimmages will be posted every Friday for the following week
  • 3rd scrimmage – Wildcard – will also be posted on Friday (if there is one) for the following week. Wildcard scrimmages can be on Tuesdays and Thursdays along with the regularly scheduled scrimmages.
    • These tests will be less structured and more fun
      • Blitz – 200 questions in 30 minutes
      • Holiday Specials – questions from topics that correlate with that particular holiday
      • Need For Speed - Double the question in 30 minutes
      • 10 Minute Massacre – 50 questions (30 math) in 10 minutes
      • Mystery Mix – Blended questions from different subjects but don’t announce which subjects
      • Concept Cluster – Group questions together that all relate to a central concept or idea
      • More to come...

Steps to participate:
  • Have a membership (subscription)
  • Log in
  • Copy the test key listed on the main page
  • Navigate to online Scrimmage under Study Resources
  • Enter the test key to begin

  • Normally posted the next business day for all scrimmages
  • Find your individual results under "My Results"
  • Recognition for the top 3 participants

  • Global
    • This ranks a subscriber against all others
    • Is a cumulative ranking of all scrimmages and head -to-head challenges
    • Subscribers earn a point for each question answered correctly during scrimmages and head-to-head challenges
  • State
    • Same as global rankings but on the state level

*Number of questions and scrimmage duration may be subject to change throughout the season.

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