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Scrimmage: Monday, Sep 16
Head-to-Head Challenge: Today
Quick Quiz: Today

Study Resources

Global Ranking

Congratulations to the USAD® Training Center "Top 10"!

1. Ethan Kastenschmidt (WI)   
6. Andrew Moeller (CA)   
2. Jonah Waughtal (WI)   
7. Ayleen Frankenstein (CA)   
3. Lucas Bautista (CA)   
8. Team Sickness (CA)   
4. Edward Elric (TX)   
9. Cristofer Arellano (CA)   
5. Lori Li (CA)   
10. Jacob Yeaman (ID)   

What can you do to move up in the rankings?
There are a few ways to improve your Global Rank.
  1. Compete with other students frequently in Head-to-Head Challenges.
  2. Each week, be sure to participate in the Weekly Scrimmage starting in September.
  3. Participate in additional online scrimmages throughout the season.
In these events, each correct answer is worth 1 point.

Personal Ranking
Students, if you're logged in, click on My Statistics to see your Global Rank. Here you can also view your ranking and the Top 10 in your state/province.
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