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Scrimmage: Thursday, Oct 08
Head-to-Head Challenge: Today
Quick Quiz: Today

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Training is underway for the new season!

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International Scrimmage

Thursday, October 08 12:00AM CT | Test Key T66854W

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Head-to-Head Challenge Highlights

Anish Adoni tied Trenton Guarienti in a head-to-head challenge in Mathematics! 10/7/2015 4:02PM CT
John Gravelle tied Josh Gravelle in a head-to-head challenge in Art! 10/7/2015 4:02PM CT
Preeti Prabhu won a head-to-head challenge in Art! 10/7/2015 4:02PM CT
Sam Griffin tied Mikaela Griffin in a head-to-head challenge in Science! 10/7/2015 4:01PM CT
Sam Griffin tied Mikaela Griffin in a head-to-head challenge in Science! 10/7/2015 4:01PM CT

Online Scrimmage Highlights

Elaine Chen (TX) and Nicholas Welch (TX). Winners of the October 5th International Art Section II Scrimmage. Congratulations, Elaine and Nicholas! 10/5/2015 12:00AM CT
Jade Peters (TX). Winner of the October 1st International Literature Section I Scrimmage. Congratulations, Jade! 10/1/2015 12:00AM CT
Katherine Ly (CA), Zennia Wong (TX), Nicholas Welch (TX) and Jae Lee (X1). Winners of the September 28th International Science Section I Scrimmage. Congratulations, Katherine, Zennia, Nicholas and Jae! 9/28/2015 12:00AM CT

Recent News

Mary Johnson takes reins of RI Academic Decathlon

9/23/15 9:46AM
Mary Johnson of Warwick will succeed Sue Melaragno as executive director of the Rhode Island Academic Decathlon Read more..

Meet a Roadrunner: Oscar Cantua, Former Decathlete, is reaching for the stars

9/17/15 9:40AM
Meet Oscar Cantua. Like so many UTSA students and graduates, he’s a first-generation college student reaching for the stars. In Cantua’s case, though, it’s a little more literal. Read more..

Training Center Wide Scrimmage

9/2/15 12:40PM
The very first Training Center Wide Scrimmage took place August 31st. We had the biggest turnout for a first scrimmage ever! This year the Training Center Wide Scrimmages will take place Monday's and Thursday's all day. Monday's Scrimmages will be easier with 50 questions in 30 minutes and get more difficult Thursday's with 50 questions in just 15 minutes. Continue to check our facebook page to see the top 3 winners after each scrimmage. Want to know who won the first scrimmage of the year? Read more..

Recent Videos

Academic Decathlon - Solano County Office of Education

9/28/15 10:13AM
Since 1981, the Solano County Office of Education has sponsored the Academic Decathlon, a competitive event, modeled after the Olympics, designed to stimulate academic achievement and honor "athletes of the mind". The competition provides students the opportunity to participate in an educational forum, which fosters a deep respect for knowledge, cooperation, and self-esteem. Watch video..

Academic Decathlon

9/23/15 9:27AM
Athletics for the mind Watch video..

Sacramento County Academic Decathlon Super Quiz 2015

8/19/15 9:49AM
Super Quiz, check it out at the Sacramento County Academic Decathlon, held the first Saturday in February of each year, is an academic competition open to high school students from all school districts in Sacramento County. Watch video..

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