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Scrimmage: August 2015
Head-to-Head Challenge: August 2015
Quick Quiz: August 2015

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Head-to-Head Challenge Highlights

Brandon Biavaschi won a head-to-head challenge in Art! 5/20/2015 10:02AM CT
Brandon Biavaschi won a head-to-head challenge in Music! 5/20/2015 10:00AM CT
Brandon Biavaschi won a head-to-head challenge in Music! 5/20/2015 9:57AM CT
Jonathan Doll won a head-to-head challenge in Music! 5/20/2015 9:54AM CT
Jonathan Doll won a head-to-head challenge in Music! 5/20/2015 9:52AM CT

Online Scrimmage Highlights

Miles Temel (RI). Winner of the April 10th International Mathematics Scrimmage Blitz. Congratulations, Miles! 4/10/2015 12:00AM CT
Joe Krupa (NE) and Riley Chabot (RI). Winners of the April 7th International Economics Scrimmage. Congratulations, Joe and Riley! 4/7/2015 12:00AM CT
Ohio wins the April 4th National Sizzling State Saturday Scrimmage. Congratulations to Grant Pitarys and Graham Garner! 4/4/2015 12:00AM CT

Recent News

Final Global Leaders of the 2014-2015 Season

5/20/15 3:47PM
The 2014-2015 Season has come to an end. Congratulations the final top Training Center Global Leaders! Nicholas Welch (TX) - 1st. Logan Weaver (ID) - 2nd. Sevanna Baird (ID) - 3rd. Check out the final top 10. Read more..

Mtn. Oaks student wins gold at National Academic Decathlon

5/13/15 8:58AM
The feeling of accomplishment from the event is comparable to a sporting event as well... “It was really satisfying, honestly,” Conor told the Calaveras Enterprise when asked to comment about his feelings regarding his achievements, “kind of realizing that all of this work can actually get you something. … It’s nice to see you (can be) recognized for what you put into something.” Read more..

Henny earns Academic Decathlon MVP honor

5/13/15 8:22AM
Laura Henny, a senior at Scarborough High School, brought home the prestigious Norman Katz Award from the recent national Academic Decathlon competition. Read more..

Recent Videos

California high school shines at academic decathlon

4/30/15 8:26AM
Students from California’s Granada Hills Charter High School continued an academic dynasty, which started in 2011. Carter Evans shows what these dedicated students do in order to become national champions. Watch video..

Joshua Oakes Academic Decathlon Speech 2015

4/30/15 8:19AM
Joshua Oakes performing his Academic Decathlon Speech to at Madison Academic Magnet High School. Watch video..

Study Tips from Granada's Academic Decathlon Team

4/30/15 8:14AM
Granada Hills Charter High School's record-breaking National Champion Academic Decathlon team gives study tips of their own to students who want to improve their study habits. Read more about Granada's Acadeca team at: Watch video..

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