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Scrimmage: Thursday, Apr 24
Head-to-Head Challenge: Today
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Thursday, April 24 12:00AM CT

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Head-to-Head Challenge Highlights

William Powers won a head-to-head challenge in Social Science! 4/19/2014 1:20PM CT
Emmaline Bennett won a head-to-head challenge in Music! 4/19/2014 1:19PM CT
Emmaline Bennett tied Will Fitz in a head-to-head challenge in Science! 4/19/2014 1:15PM CT
William Powers won a head-to-head challenge in Literature! 4/19/2014 1:14PM CT
Eli Eckerle tied Grant Pitarys in a head-to-head challenge in Economics! 4/19/2014 1:10PM CT

Online Scrimmage Highlights

William Powers (OH). Winner of the April 11th National Mathematics Scrimmage Scrimmage Blitz. Congratulations, William! 4/11/2014 12:00AM CT
Spencer Aidt (OH). Winner of the April 8th National Art Scrimmage Scrimmage. Congratulations, Spencer! 4/8/2014 12:00AM CT
Beatrice Braeuer (ME). Winner of the April 4th National Language and Literature Scrimmage Scrimmage Blitz. Congratulations, Beatrice! 4/4/2014 12:00AM CT

Recent News

Academic Decathlon Awards

4/17/14 11:34AM
Patterson High School’s Academic Decathlon team, consisting of mostly freshman, made a good showing placing sixth out of 12th in its in competition, PHS principal Dave Stubbs announced Read more..

Pearland, Friendswood decathletes to compete in Hawaii

4/16/14 10:27AM
Academic Decathlon participants from Friendswood and Pearland will be heading to Honolulu this month to compete at the national level. The trip, set for the week of April 21-28, culminates a year of intense studying and competitions. Read more..

Extra! Extra! Ohio student joins top ten in global ranking

4/15/14 10:45AM
Graham Garner (OH) has joined the top ten Training Center global leaders within the last 2 weeks. Congratulations, Graham! Placement is based on H2H challenge results and online scrimmage scores. Check out the current top 10. Read more..

Recent Videos

Sacramento County Academic Decathlon

4/15/14 9:09AM
Paul Robins, Sabrina Rodriguez, and Daren Peck find out if they are smarter than a higher schooler. They attempt to answer questions that students take on in the academic decathlon. Watch video..


4/14/14 9:39AM
highlights Watch video..

Acadec Promo

4/10/14 9:10AM
Whitney Young Watch video..

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