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Scrimmage: Fall 2016
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Head-to-Head Challenge Highlights

Emily Burns won a head-to-head challenge in Social Science! 4/25/2017 7:51PM CT
Emily Burns won a head-to-head challenge in Science! 4/25/2017 5:54PM CT
Joyee Chakrabarti won a head-to-head challenge in Music! 4/25/2017 5:35PM CT
Dylan Allen won a head-to-head challenge in Literature! 4/25/2017 5:22PM CT
Emily Burns won a head-to-head challenge in Art! 4/25/2017 5:21PM CT

Online Scrimmage Highlights

Steve Mnuchin (CA). Winner of the March 29th International Music Scrimmage Scrimmage. Congratulations, Steve! 3/29/2017 12:00AM CT
Omar Khan (CA) and Mark Saving (TX). Winners of the March 22nd International Mathematics Scrimmage Scrimmage. Congratulations, Omar and Mark! 3/22/2017 12:00AM CT
Jacob Andrews (ID). Winner of the March 15th International Literature Scrimmage Scrimmage. Congratulations, Jacob! 3/15/2017 12:00AM CT

Recent News

We can't wait to see you!!

4/18/17 10:37AM
Congratulations to all the Decathletes who will Participate at the Nationals in Wisconsin. Read more..

Spring break? Not for Granada Hills Charter kids eyeing national Academic Decathlon win

4/13/17 1:25PM
While most students across Los Angeles were enjoying spring break this week, the dozen members of the Academic Decathlon team at Granada Hills Charter High School were quietly studying on campus. Read more..

Scarborough High team is heading for the U.S. Academic Decathlon

4/11/17 10:32AM
... The 2016-17 meet, held at Scarborough High School, focused on the topic of World War II, said Jon York, a teacher and assistant coach. Students took part in competitive testing in 10 areas related to that era, including economics, literature, art, music, social studies, science and math. Read more..

Recent Videos

[USAD 2017] Speech by top decathlete, Koki Ajiri

4/11/17 10:50AM
In his speech, Koki Ajiri a top decathlete at the Shanghai High School International Division shares his love for the Academic Decathlon and about his experiences of launching the first ever USAD scrimmage in China (a fully student led initiative in motivating other students to participate in Academic Decathlon). Watch video..

[USAD 2017] Judges sharing

4/11/17 10:38AM
Judges at the USAD China Finals share their thoughts and impressions about the Speech & Interview events. Watch video..

Academic Decathlon Results

3/14/17 1:19PM
Updates of Lakeside High School events ... Watch video..

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