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Scrimmage: Fall 2023
Head-to-Head Challenge: Today
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Exciting New Scrimmage Plan For the Online 2023 Training Center!!!

Welcome to the scrimmage update for the online 2023 Training Center. This update will benefit new users and returning subscribers. The information below describes the scrimmages, the steps to participate, the results, and the rankings.

A scrimmage presents a fun opportunity for subscribers to evaluate their knowledge and prepare for competitions. These planned online tests feature questions similar to those encountered in official competitions. On the designated day, any individual subscriber can log in and take part in the scrimmage.

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International Scrimmage

No upcoming scrimmages.

Recent Results

Head-to-Head Challenge Highlights

Norah B. tied Gaby B. in a head-to-head challenge in Music! 11/27/2023 10:46PM CT
Gaby B. won a head-to-head challenge in Science! 11/27/2023 10:41PM CT
Gaby B. won a head-to-head challenge in Art! 11/27/2023 10:38PM CT
Gaby B. won a head-to-head challenge in Science! 11/27/2023 10:33PM CT
Gaby B. won a head-to-head challenge in Mathematics! 11/27/2023 10:24PM CT

Online Scrimmage Highlights

c t. (IL) and c t. (IL). Winners of the November 21st International Scrimmage - All Categories - 11/21/2023 Scrimmage. Congratulations, c and c! 11/21/2023 12:00AM CT
Zoe B. (AK), Neysa V. (NJ), Hal9000 K. (NJ), aylee p. (CO), liam s. (CO) and Ethan G. (AK). Winners of the November 16th International Scrimmage - Art Section III - 11/16/2023 Scrimmage. Congratulations, Zoe, Neysa, Hal9000, aylee, liam and Ethan! 11/16/2023 12:00AM CT
c t. (IL). Winner of the November 14th International Scrimmage - All Categories - 11/14 Scrimmage. Congratulations, c! 11/14/2023 12:00AM CT

Recent News

Scrimmage Results - All Categories - From 11/21/2023

11/22/23 3:43PM
1st: c t. (IL)
1st: c t. (IL)
2nd: Ishaan K. (TX)
3rd: Jason W. (IA)
3rd: Gaby B. (TX)

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Mid November Top Ten Scrimmage Scorers

11/21/23 8:56AM
This is an accumulation of the Training Center scrimmage scores after the first 4 scrimmages in November. Congratulations to the top scorers!
1st: Ethan G. (AK)
2nd: Rene G. (CA)
3rd: Alexander H. (TX)
4th: Jena L. (AZ)
5th: Ashley T. (CA)
6th: Nicholas D. (TX)
7th: Connor C. (IA)
8th: Karl M. (AK)
9th: Jason C. (TX)
9th: Roy S. (TX)
10th: Giovanni C. (CA)
10th: Gwendolynn C. (AK)

To see the current overall Global Leaders for the season,
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California Decathletes visit for Lecture Day

11/21/23 8:41AM
More than 375 Academic Decathletes from throughout California joined Madera County’s high school competitors in Madera for the 17th Annual Academic Decathlon Lecture Day. Read more..

Recent Videos

What's Brewing in Education? EP 12: Academic Decathlon 2023

11/2/23 12:34PM
Students from the Oakdale High School Academic Decathlon team discuss winning the 2023 County Event and going to the state championship! Watch video..

Student of the Week: Noah R

10/19/23 2:35PM
At just 17 years old, Economedes High School student Noah R is a shining example of dedication as he successfully balances rigorous classes and extracurricular activities. Watch video..

Should You Compete in Academic Decathlon?

10/18/23 12:18PM
At first I didn't intend to join... Watch video..

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