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Training Center Global Leader Update

9/28/23 9:18AM
Since the last posting on September 18, Ethan G.(AK), 1st, and Roman B.(TX), 2nd, maintain their rankings. Celia S.(TX) has jumped into 3rd, while Ben W.(TX) has moved up and is now 4th. Arya C.(TX) and aylee p.(CO) have joined the "Top Ten."

Ranking is based on Training Center scrimmage and head-to-head challenge scores. Each correct answer is worth 1 point.
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Scrimmage Results - Science Section I - From 9/21

9/22/23 8:44PM
1st: Arya C. (TX)
2nd: Diego B. (CA)
3rd: Ethan G. (AK)
3rd: Nicholas D. (TX)

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Scrimmage Results - All Categories - From 9/19

9/20/23 9:12PM
1st: Ethan G. (AK)
2nd: Jason W. (IA)
3rd: Celia S. (TX)
3rd: Nicholas D. (TX)
3rd: Sarah L. (CA)
3rd: Ryan H. (CA)

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New Training Center Global Leader!

9/18/23 10:16AM
Ethan G. (AK) has taken the lead! Roman B. (TX) has slipped into 2nd. Since the last posting September 12, Rene G. (CA) has moved up 3 positions into 3rd. Jili D. (TX) holds 4th. Adhihan R. (TX) has joined the "Top Ten."

To see the current ranking, click
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Mid September Top Ten Scrimmage Scorers

9/18/23 10:07AM
This is an accumulation of the Training Center scrimmage scores after the first 4 scrimmages in September. Congratulations to the top scorers!
1st: Jeremy J. (IA)
2nd: Alessandro F. (CA)
3rd: Giovanni C. (CA)
4th: Daniel E.(CA)
5th: Diego B. (CA)
6th: Ethan G. (AK)
7th: Rene G. (CA)
8th: Heshua M. (CA)
9th: Karol G. (CA)
10th: Ashley T. (CA)
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Scrimmage - Music Section I - From 9/14

9/16/23 7:00PM
1st: Rene G. (CA)
1st: aylee p. (CO)
2nd: liam s. (CO)
2nd: Ethan G. (AK)
3rd: Karol G. (CA)
3rd: Jeremy J. (IA)

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Scrimmage Results - All Categories - From 9/12

9/13/23 2:06PM
1st: Nicholas D. (TX)
2nd: Ethan G. (AK)
2nd: Giovanni C. (CA)
3rd: Moises T. (CA)
3rd: Maya E. (CA)
3rd: Isabella C. (CA)

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Online Training Center Global Leaders

9/12/23 9:10AM
After 6 weeks of head-to-head challenges and 6 online scrimmages, Roman B. (TX) maintains the lead. Since the last posting on August 29, Ben W. (TX) has raced ahead, moving into 2nd. Ethan G. (AK) is in 3rd. Out of nowhere, Jili D. (TX) has jumped into 4th. Since the last posting, Amber B. (TX), Rene G. (CA), Celia S. (TX), Daniel E. (CA), Iliam S. (CO), and Arya C. (TX) have all joined the "Top Ten."

Based on head-to-head challenge and online scrimmage scores, ranking can change at any moment. To see the current "Top Ten," click
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Scrimmage - Math Section I - 9/07

9/8/23 2:33PM
1st: Jeremy J. (IA)
2nd: Celia S. (TX)
3rd: Becket C. (CO)

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August State Global Leaders

9/8/23 11:02AM
Congratulations to the top state Global Leaders for the month of August!
Ethan G. (AK)
Matthew G. (AZ)
Giovanni C. (CA)
Noah S. (CO)
Phuc L. (GA)
Jesus G. (IA)
Bensen N. (ID)
Brian F. (OH)
Kaylee L. (PA)
Roman B. (TX)
Lou H. (WI)
To see the current overall Global Leaders,
Full article..

August Top Ten Training Center Global Leaders

9/7/23 9:45AM
Congratulations to the top Global Leaders for the month of August!
1st: Roman B. (TX)
2nd: Ethan G. (AK)
3rd: Ben W. (TX)
4th: Celia S. (TX)
5th: Amber B. (TX)
6th: Giovanni C. (CA)
7th: Matthew G. (AZ)
8th: Jordan T. (TX)
9th: Ashley T. (CA)
10th: Rene G. (CA)
To see the current overall Global Leaders,
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August Top Ten Scrimmage Scorers

9/7/23 9:24AM
This is an accumulation of the Training Center scrimmages during the month of August. Congratulations to the top scorers!
1st: Maya E. (CA)
2nd: Giovanni C. (CA)
3rd: Diego B. (CA)
4th: James C. (CA)
5th: Moises T. (CA)
6th: Daniel E. (CA)
7th: Josette P. (CA)
7th: Rene G. (CA)
8th: Sarah L. (CA)
9th: Ethan G. (AK)
10th: Elizabeth L. (CA)
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Scrimmage Results - All Categories - 5 Questions Each

9/6/23 4:41PM
1st: Janine B. (CA)
2nd: Arya C. (TX)
3rd: Jili D. (TX)
3rd: Maya E. (CA)
3rd: Daniel E. (CA)

Full article..

Scrimmage Results - Literature Sections I, II, and III - From 8/29

9/1/23 1:49PM
1st: Isabella C. (CA)
1st: Nicholas D. (TX)
2nd: James C. (CA)
2nd: Maya E. (CA)
3rd: Rene G. (CA)

Full article..

Scrimmage Results - All Categories - 5 Questions Each

8/30/23 10:44AM
1st: Giovanni C. (CA)
2nd: Diego B. (CA)
3rd: Arya C. (TX)
3rd: Celia S. (TX)
3rd: Xavier W. (CA)

Full article..

Arvin High School unveils Larry Hallum Library

8/29/23 10:08AM
Arvin High School is honoring a beloved educator who died after a car crash earlier this year.

The school hosted a night of celebration Friday for Larry Hallum and at the same time, officially unveiled the Larry Hallum Library.

School officials say Hallum’s passion for learning spanned over six decades, teaching social studies and leading various clubs, including We the People, Mock Trial and Academic Decathlon.
Full article..

Texas Student Jumps Ahead as the New Global Leader

8/29/23 9:24AM
Since the last posting on August 23, Roman B. (TX) has jumped into the lead. Ethan G. (AK) is in 2nd. Celia S. (TX) has moved up into 3rd. Matthew G. (AZ), Phuc L. (GA), and Ashley T. (CA) have joined the "Top Ten."

Rankings can change anytime. Taking today's scrimmage can boost your ranking. To see the current leaders, click
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Scrimmage Results Econ Sections I & II 8/24

8/25/23 3:07PM
1st: Ethan G. (AK)
2nd: Brenda R. (CA)
3rd: James C. (CA)
3rd: Maya E. (CA)
3rd: Sherly L. (CA)

Full article..

New Global Leaders After the First Scrimmage

8/23/23 3:40PM
After 3 weeks of Head-to-Head Challenges and the Art Fundamentals Scrimmage, Ethan G. (AK) has zoomed into the lead. Roman B. (TX) has moved into 2nd place with Ben W. (TX) close behind in 3rd.

Global Leaders can change at any moment. To see the current "Top Ten," click
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Scrimmage 8/22 Art Fundamentals

8/23/23 1:39PM
1st: Ethan G. (AK) Perfect Score!
1st: Aekari C. (CA) Perfect Score!
1st: Macee F. (CO) Perfect Score!
1st: aylee p. (CO) Perfect Score!
1st: Kaylee B. (CO) Perfect Score!
1st: Jimena C. (CA) Perfect Score!
2nd: Natalie B. (CO)
2nd: Heshua M. (CA)
3rd: Aidan F. (CA)
3rd: Adrian L. (CA)
3rd: Hana H. (CA)
3rd: Jesus G. (IA)

Full article..

Training Center Early Global Leaders

8/21/23 2:05PM
After 3 weeks of Head-to-Head Challenges, Giovanni C. (CA) has taken the early lead. Close behind in 2nd is Sarah L. (CA) followed by Diego B. (CA) in 3rd and Delia S. (TX) in 4th. Can they maintain their positions after the 8/22 online scrimmage? Check back on Wednesday to find out.

To see the "Top Ten" leaders, click
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First Scrimmage of the year!

8/18/23 4:11PM
New Season Underway! The Training Center is open with new study material for this year's theme: “TECHNOLOGY & HUMANITY.” Join us August 22nd for the first scrimmage of the year. Art Fundamentals! Full article..

East L.A. teacher retires after four decades, returns to coach academic decathlon

7/17/23 8:53AM
Lucille “Lucy” Romero cleaned out her classroom on June 12, wrapping up 43 years as a teacher – all at Garfield High School in East Los Angeles.

The following day Romero, 68, was back at Garfield. The long-time coach of the school’s Academic Decathlon team returned to begin preparing students for the 2023-2024 Academic Decathlon season.
Full article..

Yale-bound valedictorian pays tribute to family

6/19/23 9:23AM
As senior years go, Garfield High’s Aimee Perales had a very good one: Prom queen, first in her division in the Academic Decathlon, a $50,000 scholarship and valedictorian...

Among the things that had the most impact on her years at Garfield was the Academic Decathlon, something she became involved with at the suggestion of one of her teachers.
Full article..

Training Center 22-23 Final Global Leaders

6/12/23 1:09PM
Ethan G. (IA) was the top Online Training Center scorer for the 22 - 23 season. Scores were an accumulation of head-to-head challenges and online scrimmages results. C. T. (IL) came in 2nd followed by Brian F. (OH) in 3rd and Jackie F. (TX) in 4th. Check out the entire "Top Ten" for the 22-23 season. Full article..

Souderton Area High School Academic Decathlon places 9th at national finals

5/30/23 4:53PM
SOUDERTON — Souderton Area High School’s Academic Decathlon team placed 9th overall and 4th in Division I large schools at the annual United States Academic Decathlon National Finals in Frisco, Texas. Full article..

2023 national champion Wilmot Union High School Academic Decathlon honored by county

5/30/23 4:47PM
Kenosha County officials and other dignitaries joined Wilmot Union High School’s Academic Decathlon team Monday, for a special luncheon to celebrate the team’s recent Division II National Championship. Full article..

Armuchee Academic Decathlon team places in national competition

5/30/23 4:42PM
Armuchee’s Academic Decathlon team ranked sixth place in the small school online division in the US Academic Decathlon. National individual awards were won by Full article..

Scrimmage 4/11 Mathematics

5/19/23 11:31AM
1st: Ethan G. (IA)

Full article..

Scrimmage 3/28 Literature

5/19/23 11:26AM
1st: Ethan G. (IA)
2nd: Audrey H. (IA)
3rd: Roy S. (TX)

Full article..

Scrimmage 3/24 Economics Blitz

5/19/23 11:23AM
1st: Ethan G. (IA)
2nd: Roy S. (TX)
3rd: Kyla L. (ID)

Full article..

Parsippany Hills Student Competes at the Academic Decathlon of New Jersey

4/17/23 9:18AM
PARSIPPANY, NJ - Ash Stone represented Parsippany Hills High School at the Academic Decathlon of New Jersey state competition on Saturday, March 4th at Westwood Regional High School in the Township of Washington. Ash earned a total of seven medals and awards, including a silver medal for overall Highest Scoring Varsity competitor in the State. Full article..

Madera County decathletes bring home state medals

4/10/23 9:27AM
Madera South High School student Ashley Banuelos earned a silver medal in the interview competition at the 44th Annual California Academic Decathlon. Full article..

HMA student gets gold medal at state academic decathlon

4/10/23 9:24AM
At the California Academic Decathlon in Santa Clara, students from Harmony Magnet Academy (HMA) represented their county well. The team is celebrating their victors, as juniors Allison Daguman and Jamie Wilkinson won gold and bronze, respectively, in Division III Interviews. Full article..

Jefferson High academic decathletes head to nationals again

4/10/23 9:19AM
CEDAR RAPIDS — The Jefferson High School academic decathlon team is heading to a national competition once again after taking top honors in the state for 23 consecutive years.

“It’s a legacy,” said Kevin Darrow, coach of the Jefferson High academic decathlon team. “Twenty-three years isn’t done by accident. It’s a formula. It’s not what we learn, it’s how we learn.”
Full article..

Whitney Young High School Wins 20th Straight State Academic Decathlon Title, Headed To National Comp

3/23/23 10:22AM
WEST LOOP — One of the most successful teams at Whitney Young High School just won its 20th consecutive state title and is headed to compete on the national stage. Full article..

Online Training Center Overall Global Leaders

3/23/23 10:15AM
Since the last posting of the overall Global Leaders, the top 3 students maintain their positions: 1st - C. T. (IL), 2nd - Brian F. (OH) and 3rd - Jackie F. (TX). Taylor R. (TX) jumped into 4th, and Jaylon L. (TX) jumped into 5th. Sophie A. (TX) moved up to tie for 7th.

The "Top Ten" can change at any time. To see the current list,
Full article..

Ketchikan’s academic decathlon team brings home medals, award from state competition

3/23/23 10:02AM
Ketchikan High School’s academic decathlon team took second place and brought home eight medals during a state competition held March 1-4. Full article..

Scrimmage 3/21 Art

3/22/23 9:02AM
1st: Ethan G. (IA) Perfect Score!
2nd: Maddie W. (CA)
3rd: Sofia G. (WI)
3rd: Benjamin F. (UT)

Full article..

Scrimmage 3/14 Science

3/20/23 3:42PM
1st: Evan B. (ID)
2nd: Kody B. (ID)
3rd: Keane H. (ID)

Full article..

Scrimmage 4/17 Social Science Blitz

3/20/23 3:42PM
1st: Ethan G. (IA)
2nd: Roy S. (TX)
3rd: Yasir W. (CA)

Full article..

DHS takes third at State Academic Decathlon Tournament

3/20/23 9:28AM
Denison High School (DHS) competed in its 39th straight State Academic Decathlon Tournament on Friday, March 3, and Saturday, March 4, at Urbandale High School. DHS placed third in the small school division in the tournament. South Central Calhoun placed first in the small school division. Cedar Rapids Jefferson was the top scoring large school. Both schools will represent Iowa in the national tournament in Frisco, Texas. Union placed second for the small schools. Full article..

Top scorer in Academic Decathlon headed to nationals

3/20/23 9:23AM
Charlie Neuman, a Shoreview teen and a top scorer at the regional and state levels in the Academic Decathlon competition, is heading with his team to compete in the National Academic Decathlon championship in April. Full article..

Oakwood High School academic team looks to defend national title

3/20/23 9:11AM
The Oakwood High School Academic Decathlon team is heading to the national competition to defend its divisional title again.

The OHS team earned its way to next month’s contest — the first in-person nationwide championship of its kind since 2019 — with its 13th Ohio title this past weekend at John Carroll University.
Full article..

Top Ten Training Center Global Leaders for March 1 - 15

3/17/23 9:41AM
Congratulations to the top Global Leaders for the first half of March 2023!
1st: Atharv V. (AZ)
2nd: Tomasz S. (NJ)
3rd: Ashmit K. (AZ)
4th: Kaden M. (AZ)
5th: Taylor B. (ID)
6th: Angelo V. (NJ)
7th: Bensen N. (IA)
8th: Evan B. (ID)
9th: David V. (NJ)
10th: Riya G. (AZ)
To see the current overall Global Leaders for the season,
Full article..

Irving ISD Students Compete In Texas Academic Decathlon State Mee

3/17/23 9:34AM
Last weekend, students from Irving, MacArthur and Nimitz High School competed in the 2023 Texas Academic Decathlon State Meet held in San Antonio. See how each of the schools fared below: Full article..

Alaska Academic Decathlon State Winners - Rep. Peltola joins high school students during the event

3/17/23 9:23AM
...The four-day event kicked off with a welcome ceremony where students interacted with nine partner organizations (UAA, UAF, UAS, APU, Alaska Christian College, Alaska Community Foundation’s Scholarship Fund, and more) and ended with an award ceremony that included an inspiring talk from Representative Mary Sattler Peltola.

The highlights included raffling off $5,000 in tech gifts donated by GCI (iPads, Apple Watches), awarding academic achievement with medals and $35,000 in scholarships (provided by Alaska 529), and Rep. Peltola’s visit with the students.
Full article..

NJ State Champions

3/13/23 11:37AM
Best of luck as they move on to the national competition in TX next month! Full article..

Scrimmage 3/10 Music Blitz

3/12/23 9:22PM
1st: Sophie A. (TX)
2nd: Janvi S. (AZ)
3rd: Maya E. (CA)
3rd: Benjamin F. (UT)

Full article..

AcDec places fifth at state

3/10/23 4:00PM
The Academic Decathlon team (AcDec) placed fifth overall and had individual medalists at the state convention in University of Incarnate Word in San Antonio on Feb. 24-26; this is Hebron’s first time placing in the top five at state. Full article..


3/10/23 3:56PM
The Perry High School Academic Decathlon Team qualified for state and competed against the brightest minds in the state in Urbandale last weekend.

The Bluejays took five decathletes to the Iowa Academic State Decathlon and placed 11th in the small school division out of 12 total teams in the tournament. Senior Jefry Gonzalez took home two gold medals in the categories of math varsity, interview varsity and a bronze for small essay varsity. Gonzalez says that he almost received a perfect score on his interview with a score of 990 out of 1,000 points. He tells Raccoon Valley Radio what his reaction was like once he won the gold medal.
Full article..

February Top Ten Training Center Global Leaders

3/10/23 3:31PM
Congratulations to the top Global Leaders for the month of February 2023.
1st: Taylor R. (TX)
2nd: Natalie W. (TX)
3rd: Rishi C. (TX)
4th: Serena C. (TX)
5th: Brandon K. (CA)
6th: Collin S. (TX)
7th: Ayushi N. (TX
8th: Sophie A. (TX)
9th: Alyssa B. (TX)
10th: Ishaan K. (IA)
10th: Claire N. (TX)
To see the current overall Global Leaders for the season,
Full article..

Scrimmage 3/7 Mathematics

3/9/23 4:34PM
1st: Kaden M. (AZ), perfect score
2nd: Chase B. (IA)
3rd: Miles D. (AZ)

Full article..

Winners of 4th Annual San Bernardino County Academic Decathlon Competition

3/9/23 4:28PM
San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools (SBCSS) is pleased to announce the winners of the 40th annual San Bernardino County Academic Decathlon Competition. The awards ceremony honoring 18 high school teams, took place on Feb. 9.

“These incredibly talented and hard-working students committed hundreds of hours preparing for this year’s academic decathlon,” said County Superintendent Ted Alejandre. “It is an honor to not only recognize them for all their hard work but also recognize their support systems and coaches for helping them excel in the competition.”
Full article..

YUHSD teams will go to Academic Decathlon state championships

3/9/23 4:10PM
YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - The Yuma Union High School District (YUHSD) will send three teams to the Arizona Academic Decathlon state championships at Phoenix College.

The teams attending are from Cibola, Gila Ridge, and San Luis High School, they will join the championships on March 10 to 11 for a chance to advance to nationals.
Full article..

Scrimmage 3/3 Literature Blitz

3/6/23 4:52PM
1st: Maddie W. (CA)
2nd: Kayleigh G. (NJ)
3rd: Benjamin F. (UT)

Full article..

Amity Regional HS Advances for Nat'l Academic Decathlon Competition

3/6/23 12:13PM
Amity Regional qualified for this year’s National Academic Decathlon Competition after winning the title of Connecticut state champions on Feb. 25. The team includes seniors Anchal Bahel, Elise Sheehee, Sophia Liu, Selin Ho, and Sena Ho, as well as juniors Bridget Lowder, Ali Khan, and Shaofei Ong and is advised but Ms. Laura Roessler. Full article..

Sherman Oaks school wins LAUSD Academic Decathlon

3/6/23 11:07AM
Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies is headed to the California Academic Decathlon in Santa Clara next month after winning the top prize during the 42nd Annual Los Angeles Unified School District Academic Decathlon. Full article..

Armuchee High School’s Academic Decathlon team wins 1st Runner-up at the state competition

3/3/23 4:24PM
Armuchee High School competed in the state Academic Decathlon this past weekend and earned Georgia Division II 1st Runner Up and USAD Small School Online Representative for national competitions. In total they earned 20 medals and a speech showcase award. Full article..

Academic Cougars Bring Home Decathlon Medals

3/3/23 4:21PM
The Academic Decathlon is the only academic team on the Escalon High School campus. Under the leadership of teacher/coach Josh Cohen, the squad competed earlier this month at the San Joaquin County Academic Decathlon and came home with several honors.

“At some schools, it is a class. At our school, it is a club, which means students have to take time out of their schedules to participate,” Cohen pointed out of the academic activity.
Full article..

LYSD to compete at Academic Decathlon State Competition

3/3/23 4:17PM
The 2023 Alaska Academic Decathlon State Competition will bring together twelve teams of high school students from around the state, including a team from the Lower Yukon School District, to the UAA Campus, March 1-4, to compete in ten scholastic subjects based on the yearly theme. Along with studying the Literature, Science, Social Science, Math, Art, Economics and Music of the American Revolution, students also write an essay, craft and deliver speeches in front of a panel of judges and engage in professional-type interviews. Full article..

Buhach Colony High Wins Academic Decathlon

3/2/23 9:35AM
Buhach Colony High School emerged as the top scoring team in the 42nd Annual Merced County Academic Decathlon held Saturday, Feb. 4.

This is Buhach Colony’s second team win since 2021. Merced High placed 2nd in the overall team competition, and Golden Valley High placed third.
Full article..

January Top Ten Training Center Global Leaders

3/2/23 8:58AM
Congratulations to the top Global Leaders for the month of January 2023.
1st: Jesus G. (TX)
2nd: Isabella S. (TX)
3rd: Olivia L. (AZ)
4th: Jackie F. (TX)
5th: Marygrace P. (IA)
6th: Kaden M. (AZ)
7th: Jordan P. (IA)
8th: Miles D. (AZ)
9th: Ruben S. (CA)
10th: Taylor R. (TX)
To see the current overall Global Leaders,
Full article..

Scrimmage 2/28 Econ

3/1/23 10:46AM
1st: Kaden M. (AZ)
2nd: Angel C. (WI)
2nd: Owen M. (PA)
3rd: Maddie W. (CA)
3rd: Keane H. (ID)

Full article..

Chardon High School Academic Decathlon team headed to state event

2/27/23 3:04PM
Chardon High School’s nine-member Academic Decathlon team garnered 20 regional competition medals, including six gold, at speech and interview competitions held virtually over the past two months, according to a release from the school district. Full article..

Scrimmage 2/24 Art Blitz

2/27/23 3:02PM
1st: Collin S. (TX)
1st: Ayushi N. (TX)
2nd: Serena C. (TX)
3rd: Claire N. (TX)

Full article..

Decathlon Dynasty: Irvine’s Woodbridge High wins sixth Orange County championship in seven years

2/27/23 2:57PM
...“Beyond the challenges of preparation and competition, this team realized that once you are a decathlete, you are forever bound together with a very special group of teammates who become lifelong friends,” said Woodbridge Coach Mike Nakaue, whose teams have now won seven championships since 2006. Full article..

Mother Lode Regional Academic Decathlon announces medalists for 2023 competition

2/27/23 2:48PM
Between January 18 and Feb. 4, students from three Mother Lode high schools competed in the 44th annual Mother Lode Regional Academic Decathlon Competition.

Participating high schools included Bret Harte High School from Angels Camp, Summerville High School from Tuolumne, and Tioga High School from Groveland. The event was coordinated through the Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools office in Sonora and was held at Sonora High School.
Full article..

Scrimmage 2/21 Social Science

2/23/23 4:57PM
1st: Collin S. (TX) Perfect Score!
2nd: Serena C. (TX)
3rd: Rishi C. (TX)
3rd: Maddie W. (CA)
3rd: Sophie A. (TX)

Full article..

scrimmage 2/17 Science Blitz

2/23/23 4:55PM
1st: Alyssa B. (TX) Perfect Score!
1st: Collin S. (TX) Perfect Score!
1st: Claire N. (TX) Perfect Score!
2nd: Ayushi N. (TX)
3rd: Serena C. (TX)

Full article..

Ash Stone Honored During New Jersey Region III Competition

2/22/23 1:00PM
PARSIPPANY — Parsippany Hills High School Academic Decathlon (AcDec) Team participated in the New Jersey Region III Competition on Saturday, January 28, at Woodrow Wilson Middle School in Clifton.

The six team members who participated were Haroon Afzal, Ram Gupta, Nishanth Makkithaya, Chaitanya Matrubai, Ash Stone, and Danial Tanveer. Chaitanya Matrubai earned an individual Honorable Mention, and Ash Stone took ten medals and awards, including one for being the Highest Scoring Varsity competitor for the regional competition. As a result, Ash has been invited to compete at the state level as an individual on Saturday, March 4.
Full article..

It wasn’t even close. University High powers to fourth straight Academic Decathlon title Read more

2/22/23 12:52PM
There’s no doubt about it. University High School has the brain power to dominate the Fresno County Academic Decathlon. Saturday’s results of the 41st edition of the academic competition proved that.

? Overall winner for the fourth time
Full article..

'We Are The Champions:' Harmony wins Academic Decathlon title

2/22/23 12:47PM
VISALIA – “We Are The Champions” by Queen greeted Harmony Magnet Academy students Monday morning via their audio A.M. Bulletin in honor of the team’s big win Saturday at the 2023 Tulare County Academic Decathlon in Visalia. And at the end of the day, HMA’s Academic Decathlon — consisting of an all-rookie team who had never participated in an Academic Decathlon prior to Saturday — returned with 61 medals, three plaques, the title and trophy for Top Small School, the title, trophy and bragging rights of Overall 2023 Tulare County Academic Decathlon Championship Full article..

Five Dallas ISD schools advance to state academic decathlon competition

2/20/23 9:45AM
With seven objective multiple choice tests, two subjective performance events, and an essay, high school teams across Dallas ISD competed in this year’s annual Academic Decathlon Regional Meet at Thomas Jefferson High School in January.

Five schools advanced to the State Academic Decathlon Competition by earning top scores in their divisions at the Region VII competition, setting a new Dallas ISD record. The School of Science and Engineering, School for the Talented and Gifted, School of Business and Management, Dr. Wright L. Lassiter Jr. Early College High School, and Irma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School will compete at the state-level competition in February.
Full article..

GHSC Repeats as Madera County Academic Decathlon Champions

2/20/23 9:14AM
For the second consecutive year, Glacier High School Charter prevailed, making them the champions of the 41st Madera County Academic Decathlon. Full article..

Scrimmage 2/14 Music

2/16/23 2:09PM
1st: Kaden N. (TX)
2nd: Kayleigh G. (NJ)
2nd: Ishaan K. (IA)
3rd: Rishi C. (TX)

Full article..

Scrimmage 2/10 Math Blitz

2/16/23 2:08PM
1st: Rishi C. (TX)
2nd: Kaden N. (TX)
3rd: Giovanni C. (CA)

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A blast from the past will represent Tulare County at state Academic Decathlon Read more at: https:

2/14/23 10:26AM
When the names of the winning students, coach and school – all from Harmony Magnet Academy – were read, the 2023 Tulare County Academic Decathlon winners were in shock. Full article..


2/14/23 10:20AM
Folsom, Calif. – The Sacramento County Office of Education applauds Folsom High School, from the Folsom Cordova Unified School District, for achieving the highest score in the 2023?Sacramento County Academic Decathlon.

The Folsom team-that also won in 2022-now advances to the State Finals, which conclude on March 25 in Santa Clara. Commendations also go to Bella Vista High School for reaching a high score that qualifies them to be invited to the state competition.
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Results of 42nd Annual SJC Academic Decathlon

2/14/23 10:18AM
Middle College High School takes first in competition that drew teams from 14 county high schools.

Students from 14 high schools in San Joaquin County took part in the 42nd Annual Academic Decathlon, held by the San Joaquin County Office of Education (SJCOE).
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Stockdale wins Kern County Academic Decathlon

2/13/23 9:56AM
Stockdale High won the 42nd annual Kern County Academic Decathlon, which concluded Saturday at Stockdale.

Stockdale received the Claude W. Richardson perpetual trophy as the overall team winner in the event that featured nearly 100 students from 11 high schools.
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Hemet’s Western Center Academy wins 2023 Riverside County Academic Decathlon

2/13/23 9:47AM
There’s a new winner of Riverside County’s Academic Decathlon.

The Western Center Academy, a charter school in Hemet, on Saturday, Feb. 4, broke Elsinore High School’s six-year winning streak to claim the 2023 crown.

The Wildomar school, a perennial powerhouse, finished second. Corona High School came in third.
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Westlake, Thousand Oaks, and Channel Islands High Schools Take Top Spots in 2023 Ventura County

2/13/23 9:38AM
The Ventura County Office of Education (VCOE) is pleased to announce the winners of the 2023 Ventura County Academic Decathlon, which was held in person over the past few weeks. The winners were revealed at a ceremony today at Oxnard High School. The three teams with the highest overall scores this year are:
1st Place: Westlake High School
2nd Place: Thousand Oaks High School
3rd Place: Channel Islands High School
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Scrimmage 2/7 Literature

2/10/23 1:50PM
1st: Jasmine C. (IA)
2nd: Audrey H. (IA)
3rd: Abigail B. (ID)

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Academic Decathlon Team earns 42 medals in regional competition

2/8/23 11:27AM
ASHLAND – Although it was a snow day, the Ashland-Greenwood High School Academic Decathlon Team was hard at work, taking part in an online regional competition that resulted in 42 medals for the Bluejays.

The competitors logged on a 9 a.m. to begin testing. A software glitch delayed the finish by about two hours, until 3:30 a.m.
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PHS Academic Decathlon Team excels at regionals, set for state

2/8/23 11:20AM
The Perry High School Academic Decathlon Team placed third overall in the small school division of regional competition and will now advance to the State Academic Decathlon Competition in Urbandale on March 3-4, the school announced Thursday. Full article..

Scrimmage 2/3 Econ Blitz

2/6/23 10:23AM
1st: Rishi C. (TX)
2nd: Sophie A. (TX)
3rd: Maddie W. (CA)
3rd: a t. (IL)

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Scrimmage 1/31 Art

2/1/23 4:49PM
1st: Phillip E. (CA)
2nd: Serena C. (TX)
2nd: a t. (IL)
2nd: Hailey N. (CA)
2nd: Carolina M. (CA)
2nd: Eduardo H. (CA)
2nd: Jesus G. (TX)
2nd: Kaden N. (TX)
3rd: Giovanni C. (CA)
3rd: Sherly L. (CA)
3rd: Miguel I. (CA)

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Scrimmage 1/27 Social Science Blitz

1/31/23 3:08PM
1st: Collin S. (TX) Perfect Score!
2nd: Nora G. (IA)
2nd: Claire N. (TX)
3rd: Alyssa B. (TX)
3rd: Serena C. (TX)
3rd: Corina L. (CA)

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Vanden whiz kids triumph at Academic Decathlon for North Bay region

1/31/23 9:38AM
Student scholars at Fairfield’s Vanden High walked away Sunday with bragging rights and medals around their necks for their triumph at the Academic Decathlon for the North Bay region.

Winning first place overall, the Travis Unified students have been invited to go on to compete and represent Solano County at the state competition. Campolindo High School took second and also can proceed to represent Contra Costa County at state. Third place was awarded to Basis Independent Silicon Valley Charter from Santa Clara County.
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LA County’s students are super at Academic Decathlon’s competitive quiz

1/31/23 9:15AM
Bragging rights belong to the Academic Decathlon team from Mark Keppel High School in Alhambra, after the squad won first place at the Super Quiz portion of the Los Angeles County Academic Decathlon, Saturday, Jan. 28 at El Rancho High School in Pico Rivera.

The team from West High School in Torrance came in second,
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Scrimmage 1/24 Science

1/26/23 9:03AM
1st: Teresa N. (CA)
1st: Jasmine C. (IA)
2nd: Arya C. (TX)
2nd: Lorelei R. (CA)
2nd: Kaden N. (TX)
3rd: b t. (IL)

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Training Center Global Leaders

1/25/23 3:35PM
Since the last posting 2 weeks ago, Jesus G. (TX) came from nowhere and moved into 5th place. Still in 1st is C T (IL). Brian F. (OH) is in 2nd and Jackie F. (TX)is close behind in 3rd.

Ranking can change at any time. To see the "Top Ten,"
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Scrimmage 1/20 Music Blitz

1/23/23 8:05AM
1st: Serena C. (TX)
1st: Alyssa B. (TX)
2nd: Miles D. (AZ)
2nd: Marygrace P. (IA)
3rd: Jordan P. (IA)

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Scrimmage 1/17 Math

1/23/23 8:03AM
1st: Alex Z. (OH)
2nd: Kaden N. (TX)
3rd: a t. (IL)
3rd: Ishaan K. (IA)

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Scrimmage 1/13 Literature Blitz

1/17/23 1:52PM
1st: Jasmine C. (IA)
2nd: Kaden N. (TX)
3rd: Ishaan K. (IA)

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Scrimmage 1/10 Econ

1/17/23 1:51PM
1st: Ishaan K. (IA)
1st: Jordan P. (IA)
2nd: Jasmine C. (IA)
3rd: Serena C. (TX)

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Training Center Global Leaders

1/11/23 9:13AM
Since the last posting on December 14, C. T. (IL) is still in the lead. Brain F. (OH) is in 2nd. Jackie F. (TX) has moved into 3rd. A. T. (IL) has edged into 8th. Check out the entire "Top Ten." Full article..

Wilmot Academic Decathlon team dominates at Whitewater Regional competition

1/11/23 8:48AM
weeping top individual honors, the Wilmot Academic Decathlon team won the 2023 Regional competition held Friday, Jan. 6, at the UW-Whitewater, advancing to State. Full article..

Scrimmage 1/6 Art Blitz

1/10/23 3:44PM
1st: Kaden M. (AZ)
2nd: Serena C. (TX)
3rd: Isabella S. (TX)
3rd: Sophie A. (TX)

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