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Academic Decathlon prevails, setting fourth county record

11/20/17 9:22AM
The SPHS Academic Decathlon team dominated contesters in the first round of competition at the county level Saturday, November 11. The team beat its own record its fourth year in a row, Full article..

2018 Nationals Logo Contest Winner

11/17/17 8:56AM
Congratulations to our 2018 Nationals Logo Contest Winner Chelsea Liu from Palos Verdes Peninsula, Los Angeles, California! (See Latest News) Full article..

Google Honours Chinua Achebe

11/16/17 9:49AM
Chinua Achebe is the author of this season's featured novel, Things Fall Apart. Full article..

Tuloso-Midway High School English teacher celebrated for teaching humanities

11/15/17 10:15AM
When Tuloso-Midway High School principal Ann Bartosh came across an opportunity to nominate a teacher for a statewide award, one came to mind: Sarah Walker... "She's a great teacher," Bartosh said of the English teacher. "She's also very dedicated to (coaching) the Academic Decathlon." Full article..

Training Center Global Leaders Represent 5 States

10/23/17 9:28AM
After 2 months and 3 weeks of online scrimmages and head-to-head challenges, there are 2 students from Maine, 3 students from Texas, 2 students from Arizona, 2 students from California and one student from Idaho in the Top 10. Since the last posting on Oct. 10, Hannah Lee (TX) has moved into 3rd place. Jesse Le (CA) and Jacob Andrews (ID) have joined the Top 10. Check out the Top 10! Full article..

Head-to-Head Challenge Page Maintenance

10/13/17 3:31PM
You may experience intermittent issues with the Head-to-Head Challenge page while updates are put in place. Thank you for your patience and understanding while the changes are being made. Full article..

Weekly Wednesday Scrimmage Update

10/13/17 8:34AM
In this week's Wednesday Mathematics Scrimmage, the question about the equation of a sphere had duplicate correct answers. In the initial results report, only one was accepted as correct. The results have been adjusted, giving credit to everyone who selected either answer. Full article..

50th Anniversary Academic Decathlon® Logo Design Contest

10/12/17 9:14AM
There is still time to submit your design for the 2018 USAD Nationals Logo Contest! Full article..

Training Center Global Leaders - Maine Moves into the Lead

10/10/17 9:44AM
Currently, Ian Youth (ME) is the Global Leader. David Guzman (TX) is in 2nd followed by Jake Nance (AZ) in 3rd. Since the last posting on Sept. 5, Eric Huber (ME) and Shaurya Mehta (CA) have joined the top 10. Global rank is an accumulation of Online Training Center head-to-head challenge and scrimmage scores. Check out the top 10. Full article..

The Overall Results are in for the After Labor Day Scrimmage Sizzler!

9/27/17 11:24AM
After 7 quizzes, one for each subject, these are the overall top 5. Congratulations!
1st: Jesse Le (CA), perfect score
2nd: Hannah. Lee (TX)
3rd: Elias Alvarez (CA)
4th: Anneliese Ball (CA)
5th: Ian Youth (ME)
Full article..

Join Us for the Weekly Wednesday Scrimmage!

9/25/17 1:46PM
Starting September 27 take the weekly scrimmage each Wednesday throughout the 2017-2018 season. Each week the 30 minute scrimmage features 35 or 50 questions from one subject. Mathematics is 35 questions. All other subjects are 50 questions. Art Fundamentals is the subject for the first week.

Students, you need a Training Center account. No account? No problem! Just purchase an Individual Membership on the website.
Full article..

9/20 After Labor Day Scrimmage Sizzler Results - Social Science

9/22/17 11:23AM
1st: Ian Youth (ME)
1st: Jesse Le (CA)
1st: Jacob Andrews (ID)
1st: Angeline Blancia (CA)
1st: Marco Vizcarra (CA)
1st: Jake Nance (AZ)
1st: Mackenzie Emerson (TX)
1st: Sidney Jimenez (CA)
1st: David Guzman (TX)
1st: Elias Alvarez (CA)
1st: Michael Hernandez (CA)
1st: London Leffler (CA)
1st: Kryton Bess (CA)
1st: Nina Ho (CA)
1st: Emily Mayhew (CA)
1st: Anneliese Ball (CA)
2nd: Joe Armato (CA)
2nd: Hannah Lee (TX)
2nd: Jewel Okoronkwo (GA)
2nd: Ayaan Sarkar (TX)
3rd: Jae Lee (GA)
4th: Red Follet (GA)
4th: Tony Dudley (TX)
4th: Robin Nguyen (CA)
5th: Allisa Chilton (CA)
5th: Casey Nguyen (CA)
5th: Kristina Arp (GA)
5th: Chelsea Price (GA)
5th: Liza Christopher (GA)
5th: Eric Youth (ME)
Full article..

9/19 After Labor Day Scrimmage Sizzler Results - Science

9/21/17 11:20AM
1st: Jesse le (CA)
1st: Chelsea Price (GA)
1st: Red Follett (GA)
1st: Angeline Blancia (CA)
1st: Elias Alvarez (CA)
1st: Anneliese Ball (CA)
1st: Michael Hernandez (CA)
2nd: London Leffler (CA)
2nd: Hannah Lee (TX)
2nd: Edith Santana (CA)
2nd: Jae Lee (GA)
2nd: Nick Goodale (GA)
2nd: Jenna Matus (CA)
3rd: Pranav Loomba (CA)
3rd: Ayan Sarkar (TX)
3rd: John Christopher (GA)
3rd: David Guzman (TX)
4th: Stephen Coffey (CA)
4th: Emily Mayhew (CA)
4th: Jewel Okoronkwo (GA)
4th: Tony Dudley (TX)
4th: Liza Christopher (GA)
4th: Zach Carter (GA)
5th: Gabe Magnuson (GA)
5th: Ian Youth (ME)
Full article..

9/18 After Labor Day Scrimmage Sizzler Results - Music

9/20/17 4:52PM
1st: Elias Alvarez (CA)
1st: Anneliese Ball (CA)
1st: Jesse Le (CA)
2nd: London Leffler (CA)
2nd: Hannah Lee (TX)
2nd: Ayan Sarkar (TX)
3rd: Ian Youth (ME)
4th: Tony Dudley (TX)
5th: Ryan Peterson (CA)
5th: Allisa Chilton (CA)
Full article..

9/16 Mid Month Mixed Scrimmage Results - Questions from 7 Subjects

9/19/17 8:53AM
1st: Hannah Lee (TX)
2nd: London Leffler (CA)
3rd: Elias Alvarez (CA)
3rd: Jesse Le (CA)
3rd: Michael Hernandez (CA)
Full article..

9/8 After Labor Day Scrimmage Sizzler Results - Mathematics

9/18/17 3:48PM
The scrimmage question about the probability of choosing a romance novel when there were 2 out of the total 20 books was updated on 9/8. The way the question was worded, it did not have an associated answer. Therefore, everyone who took the scrimmage was given credit for this question.
1st: Jesse Le (CA)
1st: London Leffler (CA)
1st: Allisa Chilton (CA)
2nd: Annelies Ball (CA)
2nd: Hannah Lee (TX)
2nd: Elias Alvarez (CA)
2nd: Rithwik Ediga Lakhamsani (CA)
3rd: Ian Youth (ME)
3rd: Prateek Sane (CA)
3rd: Jasmine Sun (AZ)
4th: Joe Armato (CA)
5th: Mohit Sridhar (CA)
Full article..

After Labor Day Scrimmage Sizzler

9/18/17 10:59AM
Due to the disruption by Hurricane Irma, students could not participate in the remainder of the scrimmages last week. They have been rescheduled for this week, September 18 - 20. The results from the Math portion on September 8 has not been posted yet. There was a question that was not worded well. Students will be given credit for that. Once recalculated, the results will be posted. Full article..

Mid Month Mixed Scrimmage

9/15/17 4:14PM
Be sure to take the September 16 Mid Month Mixed Scrimmage. It's 30 questions from all 7 subjects. You have 15 minutes to get it done. Any student with a subscription can participate. Just log in, copy the test key T3WR3WR, click Online Scrimmage, enter the key and start the test. See how well you can do! Full article..

USAD® Online Testing and Training Center is Back

9/15/17 11:01AM
It's great to see all the activity on the website since it has been restored. It was down as a result of Hurricane Irma. Anyone with electronic orders can download materials. Those with subscriptions can resume using both sites, and

We appreciate your patience and understanding during the time we worked to restore the websites.
Full article..

After Labor Day Scrimmage Sizzler

9/8/17 10:09AM
There are still 4 days to participate in the After Labor Day Scrimmage Sizzler, 7 scrimmages over 7 days. Each day features a different subject of 15 questions with 10 minutes to complete the scrimmage. Today's featured subject is Mathematics.

Open to all students using the Online Testing and Training Center. Just login and click Online Scrimmage. Not sure if you have login info? Check with your coach. If not, purchase an individual membership.
Full article..

9/7 After Labor Day Scrimmage Sizzler Results - Literature

9/8/17 9:07AM
1st: Elias Alvarez (CA)
1st: Jesse Le (CA)
1st: Michael Hernandez (CA)
1st: Anneliese Ball (CA)
2nd: Taylor Jubala (CA)
3rd: Emily Bates (CA)
4th: Brayden Gardener (CA)
4th: Anish Adoni (CA)
5th: Ian Youth (ME)
5th: Kristina Arp (GA)
5th: Samuel Russell (LA)
5th: Angeline Blancia (CA)
Full article..

9/6 After Labor Day Scrimmage Sizzler Results - Economics

9/7/17 9:44AM
1st: Kryton Bess (CA)
1st: Jesse Le (CA)
1st Jacob Andrews (ID)
1st: Hannah Lee (TX)
1st Ayan Sarkar (TX)
1st: Elias Alvarez (CA)
1st: Eric Estabaya (CA)
1st: London Leffler (CA)
2nd: Anneliese Ball (CA)
2nd: Michael Hernandez (CA)
3rd: Ian Youth (ME)
4th: Jake Nance (AZ)
4th: Kristina Arp (GA)
5th: David Guzman (TX)
5th: Joe Armato (CA)
Full article..

9/5 After Labor Day Scrimmage Sizzler Results - Art

9/6/17 9:05AM
1st: Jesse Le (CA)
2nd: Jake Nance (AZ)
3rd: Hannah Lee (TX)
3rd: Shaurya Mehta (CA)
4th: Sally Lavagnino (CA)
4th: Ian Youth (ME)
5th: Red Follett (GA)
Full article..

Take the After Labor Day Scrimmage Sizzler

9/5/17 10:52AM
Start today! Participate in the After Labor Day Scrimmage Sizzler, 7 scrimmages over 7 days. Each day features a different subject of 15 questions with 10 minutes to complete the scrimmage. Your score counts toward your global ranking. Open to all students using the Online Testing and Training Center. Just login and click Online Scrimmage.

Not sure if you have login info? Check with your coach. If not, purchase an individual membership.
Full article..

Competition is Heating Up on the Online Training Center

9/5/17 9:28AM
David Guzman (TX), Jake Nance (AZ), Jamie Gross (AZ), Matthew Mize (TX) and Maddie Brzezinski (TX) have come out of nowhere to join the "Top 10" Global Leaders, taking positions 1, 2, 4, 7 and 8 respectively. Devon Dostal (TX) has moved into 3rd. Check out the entire "Top 10". Full article..

50th Anniversary Academic Decathlon® Logo Design Contest

8/22/17 10:31AM
The United States Academic Decathlon® is celebrating 50 years and needs your help designing the logo for the 2018 USAD Nationals. We are seeking a creative, innovative and professional logo design to help promote the 50th anniversary of USAD and the 2018 national competition. The rest is up to you! This contest is open to current Academic Decathlon® students only. Full article..

Training Center Global Leaders - Texas Jumps into the Lead

8/18/17 2:44PM
After 3 weeks of Head-to-Head Challenges, the Season Opener Mini-Scrimmages and the first Mid Month Mixed Scrimmage; Devon Dostal (TX) takes the lead. He wasn't even in the top 10 on the 14th. Hannah Lee (TX) and Ian Youth (ME) maintain their 2nd and 3rd positions. Since Aug. 14, the following users have joined the top 10: David Sudhakar (CA)(6th), Jess Le (CA)(7th), Kryton Bess (CA)(9th) and Elia Alvarez(CA)(10th). Full article..

Mid Month Mixed Scrimmages Kickoff Results

8/17/17 10:58AM
Did JL take 1st? Yes, Jesse Le (CA) hung onto the lead and came away with the highest score. 2nd: London Leffler (CA) 3rd: Hannah Lee (TX) 4th: Ian Youth (ME) Congratulations! Join us next month for the After Labor Day Scrimmage Sizzler, starting Sept. 5. Full article..

Mid Month Mixed Scrimmages Kickoff is Underway

8/16/17 8:51AM
Students have started taking the August Mid Month Mixed Scrimmage. This is the first one in a series of monthly scrimmages. At 8:30 AM CDT SM from California was in the lead. At 10:30 AM CDT JL, also of California, took over the lead. AT 2:15 PM JL is still in the lead. HL of Texas is 2nd and IY of Maine is 3rd. Will JL maintain the lead? It's not a perfect score so perhaps you can overtake the current leader. Take the challenge! Full article..

Mid Month Mixed Scrimmages Kickoff August 16

8/15/17 11:36AM
Take the first Mid Month Mixed Scrimmage today, August 16. Login, click Read more.. or Online Scrimmage on the left. Need login info? Check with your Academic Decathlon coach to see if you have a Training Center account. No account? Then purchase a membership through the website. Your score will count towards your global ranking. Full article..

Mid Month Mixed Scrimmages

8/14/17 12:35PM
This season the Online Training Center will feature a monthly 30 question mixed scrimmage consisting of questions from all 7 subjects. The scrimmages will be conducted online on the 16th of every month, August through March. Since Nationals will be the week of the 16th in April, the scrimmage will be held the 13th that month. Those who finish in the top 3 each month will be posted on social media. Take the first Mid Month Mixed Scrimmage August 16. Full article..

Training Center Global Leaders - California Moves from Forth to First

8/14/17 12:22PM
In 4 days Shaurya Mehta (CA) has taken over the lead. Hannah Lee (TX) has dropped into 2nd followed by Ian Youth (ME) in 3rd. Out of nowhere Pranav Loomba (CA) has moved into the top 10, taking 5th place. Full article..

Training Center Global Leaders - Texas Moves into First

8/10/17 1:58PM
In just a little over 48 hours since the last posting, Hannah Lee (TX) has taken over the lead. Ian Youth (ME) has moved into 2nd and Wyatt Otsuka (AZ) has moved up into 3rd. Shaurya Mehta (CA) is in 4th. In 5th place is Michaela Suski (WI). Global ranking score is a the total scores for Head-to-Head challenges plus online scrimmages. Full article..

Training Center Global Leaders - Student from Maine takes the Early Lead

8/8/17 11:35AM
As of August 8, Mini-Scrimmage Season Opener scores combined with Head-to-Head Challenge scores catapulted Ian Youth (ME) into 1st place since the Online testing and Training Center opened one week ago. Hannah Lee (TX) is close behind in 2nd followed by Eric Estabaya (CA) in 3rd. See all the USAD® Training Center top 10 global leaders. Full article..

2017-2018 Mini-Scrimmage Season Opener Overall Winner

8/7/17 3:08PM
The August 1-4 season opener consisted of 4, 10 question scrimmages: Art, Economics, Literature and Music. Congratulations, I. Youth (ME) for taking 1st overall! Full article..

Take the Season Opener Mini-Scrimmage

8/4/17 5:14PM
There is still time to take today's Mini-Scrimmage. Login. Click on Online Scrimmage under Study Resources. Enter August4 as the test key. Watch next week to see who is the overall winner. Full article..

The Online Testing and Training Center is Open!

8/2/17 10:53AM
Journey to Africa. Join the excitement for another season of United States Academic Decathlon®! Students, sign-up now to train online using a unique combination of study resources. Full article..

This Teacher Is The Force Behind Seagoville High's Winning Academic Decathlon Team

7/26/17 10:33AM
...In the middle of July, Harrington sat in a rolling chair in front of his class... A couple dozen kids are listening to him. They aren’t summer school students who need to fix failed grades. They’re part of Seagoville’s Academic Decathlon team. Harrington, a Seagoville High teacher, has recruited a lot of these kids. He’s lecturing on Africa. Full article..

Purchase a Team Subscription to the USAD Online Testing and Training Center

7/24/17 9:14AM
Coaches, have your team train for United States Academic Decathlon® competition through a unique combination of individual study sessions, direct challenges, and national scrimmages featuring questions in art, economics, literature, mathematics, music, science, and social science categories. Create tests and view your team's results. Subscribe now and use this powerful Academic Decathlon® resource to help your team prepare for competition. Full article..

Granda Hills Community Celebrates GHCHS Academic Decathlon Team

6/27/17 3:59PM
The Old Granada Hills Residents Group hosted a meeting at Rawley Hall to acknowledge the National Champion Granada Hills Charter High School Academic Decathlon Team. Senator Bob Hertzberg gave huge praise to the team, Full article..

Oakwood wins 6th consecutive national academic decathlon

5/22/17 5:18PM
In six straight trips, Oakwood High School’s Academic Decathlon team members are once again the Division 3 National Champions. Full article..

Near all-rookie Hendricken team division winners

5/22/17 3:17PM
It was 1983 and a group out of California, the United States Academic Decathlon, was looking to stir up national interest in a newly created program to turn the spotlight on academic achievement. To launch the competition, named because it features 10 different academic disciplines, the organization sent invitations to schools across the country to compete in the national event. One Rhode Island school, Bishop Hendricken High School, accepted the challenge, Full article..

Granada Hills Academic Decathlon champs bask in hero’s welcome on campus

5/22/17 3:12PM
The victorious Academic Decathlon team from Granada Hills Charter High School got a hearty welcome home Monday morning, complete with bagpipes and cheerleaders, after snagging the national title for a third straight year in Madison, Wisconsin, Full article..

We can't wait to see you!!

4/18/17 10:37AM
Congratulations to all the Decathletes who will Participate at the Nationals in Wisconsin. Full article..

Spring break? Not for Granada Hills Charter kids eyeing national Academic Decathlon win

4/13/17 1:25PM
While most students across Los Angeles were enjoying spring break this week, the dozen members of the Academic Decathlon team at Granada Hills Charter High School were quietly studying on campus. Full article..

Scarborough High team is heading for the U.S. Academic Decathlon

4/11/17 10:32AM
... The 2016-17 meet, held at Scarborough High School, focused on the topic of World War II, said Jon York, a teacher and assistant coach. Students took part in competitive testing in 10 areas related to that era, including economics, literature, art, music, social studies, science and math. Full article..

National Academic Decathlon's spotlight will shine on Madison

4/11/17 10:21AM
For the first time in the program’s 36-year history, Wisconsin will host the United States Academic Decathlon event. It’s set for April 20-22 at Monona Terrace, featuring 60 high school teams Full article..

Four Qualify for USAD Nationals in Wisconsin

4/11/17 10:20AM
Four Friendswood HIgh School students qualified for the national United States Academic Decathlon competition in Madison, Wisconsin later in April. Full article..

With a fourth consecutive state trophy on the mantle, CDO academic decathlon prepares for Nationals

4/5/17 11:40PM
Last month Canyon del Oro High School’s (CDO) academic decathlon team clinched its fourth consecutive state title after outscoring dozens of other teams from throughout Arizona, Full article..

Irving ISD Shines at State Academic Decathlon Meet

3/14/17 1:30PM
The Nimitz team concluded another successful season maintaining their ranking after regionals and finishing sixth in a field of 40 teams. Full article..

Burns High School Academic Decathlon Award Winners 2017

3/14/17 1:23PM
The following students from Burns High School took home awards from the Wyoming Academic Decathlon held Feb. 26 and 27 in Casper. Full article..

Catoosa County high school is Academic Decathlon champ

3/14/17 1:06PM
Catoosa County’s Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High School won the 2017 PAGE Georgia Academic Decathlon (GAD) State Championship. It was the seventh time the high school has captured the top honor in the event. Full article..

Check out the Global Leaders

3/8/17 3:43PM
In the last month, the top 4 students retain their Training Center position: 1st - Sevanna Baird (ID), 2nd - Eric Estabaya (CA), 3rd - Lizzie Miller (UT) and 4th - Kenzie Wolfe (ID). The newcomer to the top 10 this past month is Jacob Andrews (ID). Check out the entire top 10 Training Center students. Full article..

Wilmot decathletes capture 4th straight state title

3/6/17 1:22PM
For the fourth consecutive year, the Wilmot Union High School Academic Decathlon team emerged as state title winners Friday, according to District Administrator Dan Kopp. Full article..

Randolph High School students impress at academic decathlon

3/6/17 1:11PM
Randolph High School students took home five gold medals, a silver medal, a bronze medal and four honorable mentions in an academic decathlon at the Woodrow Wilson Middle School in Clifton on Wednesday, Feb. 1. Full article..

Collegiate Academy 2nd at state Academic Decathlon event

3/6/17 1:07PM
Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy came up short in its bid to defend its Pennsylvania Academic Decathlon championship, finishing in second place Saturday to the host school, North Penn, in Lansdale. Full article..

St. Peter team earns state champion honors

3/3/17 1:32PM
Championship honors in the Academic Decathlon State Competition went to St. Peter High's Blue team Full article..

Randolph High School Students Prevail in Academic Decathalon

2/28/17 8:22AM
RANDOLPH, NJ- Randolph High School students performed well in a recent academic decathlon, taking home five gold medals, a silver medal, a bronze medal and four honorable mentions. Full article..

South Pasadena wins academic decathlon in L.A. County contest

2/28/17 8:22AM
South Pasadena High School has won the academic decathlon competition for Los Angeles County for the third consecutive year, officials announced Thursday. The school now advances to the California Academic Decathlon, Full article..

Lyndonville wins state academic decathlon

2/28/17 8:20AM
...Lyndonville has been a contender for the title for over two decades, winning the Small School State Championship several times and placing regularly in the top four, but this was its first overall state win Full article..

Elkhorn Mount Michael is overall champion at Nebraska State Final Academic Decathlon

2/20/17 2:19PM
Elkhorn Mount Michael won the overall state champion title Saturday at the Nebraska State Final Academic Decathlon. The win marked the first time that a large school division didn’t win the overall championship and advance to national competition. Full article..

Redondo Union High Qualifies for State Academic Decathlon

2/20/17 2:18PM
Redondo Union High School was announced Thursday one of the seven "wild-card" teams qualified to compete in the statewide academic decathlon in March. Full article..

Elsinore HS Wins County Academic Decathlon

2/20/17 2:15PM
After a 12-year tripartite rivalry, EHS claims First! Elsinore High School has won First Place in the 34th Annual County Academic Decathlon, breaking an 18-year stronghold over Hemet and West Valley High Schools. Full article..

Collegiate Academy wins Academic Decathlon western region large-school title

2/17/17 12:16PM
Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy finished first in the large-school division and Clarion-Limestone placed first in the small-school division Saturday at the Pennsylvania Academic Decathlon Western Regional competition at McDowell Intermediate High School. Full article..

Smart and final, CHS aces competition

2/17/17 12:14PM
The Calabasas High School Academic Decathlon team pulled off an amazing accomplishment on Feb. 4. Competing for the first time in the Ventura County Academic Decathlon—a battle of student brains—the team managed a first-place win, an achievement that even the students and coach found astonishing. Full article..

Bella Vista H.S. Wins 2017 County Academic Decathlon

2/17/17 12:14PM
Bella Vista High School, from the San Juan Unified School District, is the winner of the 2017 Sacramento County Academic Decathlon competition. The win marks the 25th time the team has taken first place at the annual competition since it began in 1979. Full article..

Academic decathlon brings four high schools together

2/13/17 2:13PM
Not too many teenagers choose to get up early on Saturday to take difficult tests about history and give prepared speeches. But 36 of them did on Saturday. They’re members of teams from Las Plumas, Oroville, Paradise and Inspire high schools Full article..

Pearland High School Academic Decathlon team has advanced to state

2/13/17 2:09PM
Pearland Independent School District is sending two teams to the Texas Academic Decathlon meet in late February. Pearland High School and Turner College and Career High School teams both advance to state after the Region 5 competition. Full article..

Mason City High School places first at regional Academic Decathlon

2/13/17 2:01PM
Mason City High School's Academic Decathlon team was named as the regional large school champion at this year’s regional competition in Grundy Center Jan. 26. The team qualified for state competition March 3 to 4 in Cedar Rapids. Full article..

Stockdale wins Academic Decathlon, will represent Kern County next month

2/9/17 4:36PM
Stockdale took its fifth consecutive win in the Kern County Academic Decathlon on Saturday afternoon, besting nearly 200 students from 19 high schools. Full article..

Hughson High win ends 16-year Oakdale Academic Decathlon streak

2/9/17 4:33PM
After a winning streak longer than many of its students have been alive, Oakdale High relinquished its Academic Decathlon trophy to Hughson High. Full article..

Dobie, Memorial Academic Decathlon teams advance to state meet

2/9/17 8:36AM
Pasadena ISD’s Dobie and Memorial High School’s Academic Decathlon teams have advanced to the state meet after earning top 40 spots in the Region 5 competition. Full article..

PHS Academic Decathlon – First In Region

2/8/17 2:38PM
The Parsippany High School Academic Decathlon (AcDec) Team recently participated in the New Jersey Regional Competition. The competition was held at Clifton Middle School on Saturday, January 28. Full article..

Academic Decathlon helps one student connect with her roots

2/8/17 2:34PM
Studying WWII history came full circle for Maya Solís. The 16-year-old junior from St. Francis High School in Sacramento was torn between running cross country this year and trying something new like participating in the 37thaAnnual Sacramento County Academic Decathlon competition. After careful thought and consideration, Full article..

Sugar-Salem wins regional Academic Decathlon competition

2/8/17 2:28PM
Sugar-Salem hosted the Academic Decathlon Regional competition for southeast Idaho Full article..

New Online Training Center Global Leader is from Idaho

2/7/17 1:02PM
Sevanna Baird (ID) is the new Global Leader after 5 months of head-to-head challenges and 3 months of online scrimmages. Eric Estabaya (CA) is in 2nd and Lizzie Miller (UT) is 3rd. Ian Youth (ME) and Seymour Paul (UT) have joined the top 10 within the last month. Full article..

Academic decathlon brings four high schools together

2/7/17 11:15AM
Not too many teenagers choose to get up early on Saturday to take difficult tests about history and give prepared speeches. But 36 of them did on Saturday. Full article..

Valley students excel at Academic Decathlon

2/7/17 11:02AM
Tulare County students went head to head at Tulare County Office of Education’s Academic Decathlon over the weekend. On Saturday, teams of students from local high schools competed in two school categories – large school and small school – for the chance to advance to the state competition. And the winners are: Full article..

Yosemite High wins academic decathlon

2/7/17 11:02AM
In a battle of wits, Yosemite High School triumphed for the 22nd time in 23 years making them the champions of the 35th Madera County Academic Decathlon. Full article..

BHS named top in state small school rankings

2/6/17 2:01PM
The BHS Academic Decathlon team competed in Region III competition this past weekend. Bandera won first place in the Region and first place in Super Quiz. Full article..

Cleburne HS competes in regional academic decathlon

1/30/17 2:43PM
A team of Cleburne High School academic athletes have experienced a new competition opportunity as participants in Academic Decathlon. Full article..

Seward High Performs Well at Regional Academic Decathlon in Omaha

1/27/17 11:38AM
The SHS Academic Decathlon Team competed in the Nebraska AD on Saturday all day in a series of academic testing situations and a quiz bowl to compete for the opportunity to qualify for the State Academic Decathlon competition in Omaha Full article..

Wildcat Academic Decathlon Regional Results

1/27/17 11:35AM
On Jan. 20 and 21 the Acdec team competed in the Regional Competition. They placed second in Super Quiz and fourth in the competition overall. The team qualifies for the State Competition in February, please congratulate the following students: Full article..

Three Academic Decathlon Teams Advance to State

1/27/17 11:35AM
After outstanding performances at the regional level, three Mansfield ISD teams will be headed to one of the most rigorous academic competitions in Texas. Full article..

Duncan Polytechnical fields first-ever team for upcoming Academic Decathlon

1/26/17 12:27PM
In Room 44 at Duncan Polytechnical High School, English teacher Carina Chase listens as high school junior Kajlug Lee rehearses a speech. A whiteboard a few steps away reads: “Meeting every day this week.” In the classroom of scattered desks that’s nearly empty of students, Lee is one of seven members of Chase’s newly formed team that trains after school Full article..

Area Students Gear Up for Academic Decathlon

1/20/17 9:24AM
Weathering late-night study sessions, team practices and hours of reading, Stanislaus County high school students are pulling out all the stops as they head into the home stretch of preparations for the 2017 Stanislaus County Academic Decathlon. Hailed as the biggest academic event for local high schools, Full article..

Wilmot Academic Decathlon continues tradition of excellence

1/18/17 2:50PM
For continuing Wilmot High School’s legacy of academic excellence by placing second at the regional Academic Decathlon competition, the Panthers’ Academic Decathlon team earns this week’s School Standout. The team entered the regional round ranked fourth in the state and was slotted to place third. But Full article..

Pepperell’s Academic Decathlon team wins third straight title

1/16/17 8:49AM
The Pepperell High Academic Decathlon team continued their run of success in the Floyd County Schools Academic Decathlon by taking their third consecutive championship in the system’s premier academic competition. Full article..

MCSD holds 30th annual Academic Decathlon

1/16/17 8:48AM
COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – The Muscogee County School District held its 30th annual Academic Decathlon Saturday at Shaw High School. Full article..

Prescott High at the academic decathlon

1/13/17 8:40AM
Academic Decathlon (AcaDec) is a national organization for high school students. At Prescott High School (PHS) it is both a class and a club. Full article..

Online Training Center Global Leaders

1/10/17 2:29PM
After 4 months of Head-to-Head Challenges and 3 months of online scrimmages, Eric Estabaya (CA) is the Global Leader. Lizzie Miller (UT) has moved into 2nd while Sevanna Baird (ID) maintains 3rd place. Click to see the complete top 10 list. Read more.. Full article..

Collegiate Academy earns first place in ASL competition

1/10/17 2:15PM
Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy placed first Saturday at the Academic Sports League competition at East High School... Students were tested on the economic origins and impact of World War II. The social science test focused on the roots and causes of World War II, the war in Europe, the war in the Pacific, the Holocaust, and the aftermath and consequences of the war. Full article..

School competes in battle of the brains

1/3/17 10:44AM
The Calabasas High School Academic Decathlon team may be a newcomer to the yearly battle of the brains, but that didn’t stop the fledgling group from scoring big at the Dec. 10 scrimmage at the Ventura County Office of Education. Full article..

Academic Decathlon Overcomes Key Absences To Place Second

1/2/17 2:20PM
The Academic Decathlon team prevailed to second place at its second scrimmage of the school year last weekend. The smaller-scale competition took place on Saturday, December 10th, at Cleveland High School in Reseda, California. Full article..

Magnolia West students brighten family's holidays with new home

12/19/16 9:54AM
The school's academic decathlon program was paired with a family of a single mom with two children who asked for needs on their wish list like gift ... Full article..


12/12/16 8:42AM
John F Kennedy HS - Congrats Cougars! We are so proud of the months of hard work you put in, and how it paid off! Full article..

Kayhi decathletes take first in four events

12/12/16 8:31AM
Kayhi’s Academic Decathlon team completed its first regional meet of the year in Juneau this past weekend. Ketchikan students took first place in four out of the 10 events. Full article..

Academic Decathlon in the Races

12/9/16 9:44AM
What themes are prominent among 1945 Southern Americans? Brief confusion spreads across his face, followed by a cooling smile. He stencils the answer into the document, an easy question. Moving on, his pencil continues to flash back and forth, across the page, making small, slow loops. Bubbling in with apparent ease, after a multitude of tests already, this subject was easy in comparison. But in comparison only, he had been studying for too long to not know at least this. Full article..

Congratulations To The Academic Decathlon Team!

12/9/16 9:38AM
Our Academic Decathlon team won Round 1 of the recent Small Schools Championship at Franklin High School. Moderators Mr. Ed MacKenzie ’99 (History Faculty) and Ms. Kayla Greenwood (Theology Faculty) are very proud of their competition team: Full article..

Decathlon challenge turns teammates into family

12/6/16 10:25AM
Silently working at their desks at 6:30 a.m. Nov. 18 were 16 students from Don Lugo High’s decathlon team, each one engrossed in writing an essay. ...“We’re not friends at this point, we’re family,” said senior student Ronaldo Lizarraga, who is a second time member of the decathlon team. Full article..

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