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AHS Academic Decathlon wins another meet (Check Out the Unique Winner's Trophy)

1/21/20 8:37AM
The Alice High School team outpointed some of the best Academic Decathlon teams in the state to win its second meet of the season Saturday. Alice won the Academic Decathlon Invitational at Corpus Christi Carroll High School Saturday. Full article..


1/21/20 8:25AM
The Coosa High Academic Decathlon team was crowned champions in the Floyd County Schools Academic Decathlon competition held at the Floyd County Board of Education central office on Friday, January 10, 2020. Zayden Sullins of Coosa High was the highest-scoring individual participant this year with 2,788 total points. The theme for questions in this year’s competition was “In Sickness and in Health: An Exploration of Illness and Wellness”. Full article..

Friendwood AD places 3rd at Pearland

1/13/20 8:47AM
Friendswood High School Academic Decathlon team placed third at the Pearland Invitational Meet behind Dulles HS and Pearland HS. Full article..

Dulles High School is the 2020 Fort Bend IDS District Acadmic Decathlon Champs!

1/13/20 8:46AM
Next stop: Regionals next month in Katy! Full article..

Wilmot UHS captures 2020 Academic Decathlon regional title

1/13/20 8:41AM
The Wilmot Union High School 2020 Academic Decathlon team are regional champions. Full article..

South LA Student Participates in LAUSD Academic Decathlon Workshop

1/7/20 8:46AM
Student Angelize Simmons, West Vernon High School, participates in a practice interview session at the LADWP downtown headquarters during a workshop session Full article..

Chardon High School Academic Decathlon Team ready for challenge

1/7/20 8:11AM
Chardon High School’s 2019-20 Academic Decathlon Team has been busy studying this year’s curricular theme “In Sickness and In Health: An Exploration of Illness and Wellness.”

“Students are currently working hard with an eye toward regional competition in January,” said CHS Academic Decathlon Coach Allen Herner.
Full article..

AHS Academic Decathlon team wins meet

1/3/20 9:20AM
The Alice High School Academic Decathlon team was first out of 25 teams from around the state in the Bandera Decathlon Full article..

Wellesley High School Academic Decathlon team strives to repeat trip to Nationals

12/19/19 8:58AM
After qualifying last year to attend the Academic Decathlon Nationals in Minnesota for the first time in school history, this year’s Wellesley High School Academic Decathlon (Acadec) team is again aiming high. The team is currently led by senior captains and Acadec veterans Shayla King and Derek Mui, and junior captain Ben Workman. Ben is the reigning Massachusetts Acadec State Champion and Division IV National Champion. Full article..

Seneca Valley Academic Decathletes Roll To Another Victory

12/17/19 8:58AM
CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP PA - For the second time this year, the Seneca Valley Academic Decathlon Team finished first in a regional academic decathlon competition.

At Collegiate Academy recently, the Seneca Valley medalists included seniors Nishant Jayachandran won overall gold and medaled in the category of science. Gabriel Sutherland won an overall silver and won in the events of economics and interview; Julia Allman medaled in speech, Megan Neely, William Firman and Logan Glatz all medaled in interview, Megan Spark won in science and Steven Yang in the category of math.
Full article..

Cibola wins Academic Decathlon City Scrimmage

12/17/19 8:51AM
YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KSWT, KECY) - Cibola High School finished first in this year's Yuma Academic Decathlon City scrimmage.

Held on the Cibola campus, the event included about 90 participants from the Yuma Union High School District (YUHSD).
Full article..

Bryan Adams’ academic decathlon team three-peats at district competition

11/18/19 9:48AM
The Bryan Adams academic decathlon team won the district competition for the third consecutive year.
The team, under the leadership of AP world history teacher Diane Birdwell, won 7 of 15 gold medals.
Junior Jacob Mendoza also had the top divisional and overall score.
Full article..

Do you know how Academic Decathlon got its start?

11/11/19 4:56PM
Dr. Robert Peterson first dreamed of creating a program like this one as a prisoner-of-war in Nazi Germany. In his journal, pondering the future of education in the country he was serving, the downed B-17 pilot wrote that students “ought to have… a decathlon of studies.” Full article..

Big Shift in Global Leaders

11/6/19 9:48AM
After 3 months and 6 days of Training Center scrimmages and Head-to-Head Challenges, Ethan Kastenschmidt (WI) retains 1st. Out of nowhere Aaron Ehrlich (CO) and Radek Zelenka (CO) joined the Top 10 taking 2nd and 3rd. Also moving up into the Top 10 since Oct. 22 are: Sophie Adams (TX) and Johnathon Gebhardt (CO). The global ranking is subject to change at any moment. Check out the current Top 10! Full article..

Global Leaders - Wisconsin in the Lead

10/22/19 4:05PM
After 2 months and 3 weeks of Head-to-Head Challenges and scrimmages, Ethan Kastenschmidt is the current Global Leader followed by Jonah Waughtal in 2nd. Both students are from Wisconsin. Andrew Moeller (CA) is close behind in 3rd. Since the last posting on Sept. 23, Megan Deissler (PA) and Labiba Uddin (TX) have joined the Top 10. Congratulations! Check out entire "Top 10" list. Full article..

10/8 Mathematics Scrimmage Correction

10/9/19 3:37PM
Question number 1, Solve the system of inequalities 6x - 14 > 4 and (x + 1) < 16, had two duplicate answers. One was counted as correct and the other was not. The results have been updated so both answers are now counted as correct for participating students' results.

We corrected the duplicate answer option to avoid further issues.
Full article..

Chris Sturgeon named ‘2019 Academic Coach of the Year’ finalist

9/26/19 9:11AM
Morgan County, IN — The MSD of Martinsville is pleased to announce Chris Sturgeon has been named a ‘2019 Academic Coach of the Year’ Finalist by the Indiana Association of School Principals (IASP). Since becoming coach five years ago, Mr. Sturgeon has led the Martinsville High School Academic Decathlon team to three state championships and 3rd place at the national competition last year in Minnesota. Full article..

News Academic Decathlon

9/26/19 9:01AM
Throughout the years, the establishment of Tracy High School used to maintain a wonderful winning streak in the Academic Decathlon (AcaDec) Last year, due to difficulties and changes in the leadership, team struggled. Having said that, this year the students have high hopes of getting it back on track and reaching their primary goal to be on the road to the beginning of an extraordinary winning streak, leaving behind the past of Tracy High School’s difficult times Full article..

Take the Fast Friday Blitz

9/26/19 8:55AM
Each Friday, participate in the Fast Friday Blitz! You will have 15 minutes to answer the questions. The number of questions may vary depending on the subject. Check the Training Center Calendar for the topic. Friday's (9/27) topics are Fundamental Economic Concepts and Microeconomics.

No account, no problem. If you are training with a team, check with your coach if you have a subscription. If you need a subscription, click Read more... to purchase an individual membership through the Online Training Center.
Full article..

WI is in the Lead

9/23/19 1:33PM
Wisconsin students are the top 2 Global Leaders. Ethan Kastenschmidt is 1st followed by Jonah Waughtal in 2nd. Close behind is Lucas Bautista (CA) taking 3rd. In 4th, is Andrew Moeller (CA). Check out the entire top 10 list! (Ranking is based on the online scrimmage and head-to-head challenge scores. Placement can change at any moment.) Full article..

Bill Patton – Decathlon Man

9/18/19 8:39AM
...the photo Patton, now 83, takes the most pride in is one commemorating his help in founding the U.S. Academic Decathlon, an academic competition for high school students around the world. Full article..

Mystery Scrimmage

9/17/19 1:40PM
Take the Mystery Scrimmage on Wednesday, Sept. 18. You will have 30 minutes to complete 50 questions. See how well you can do. The topicc will be revealed when the results are posted.

To participate, copy the test key under Next Online Scrimmage, click on Online Scrimmage, enter the test key and Start.
Full article..

The Overall September Splash Results are In!

9/17/19 12:28PM
Congratulations to the top 10!

1st: Sickness, Team (CA)
2nd: Frankenstein, Jacob (CA)
3rd: Frankenstein, Emily (CA)
4th: Uddin, Labiba (TX)
5th: Frankenstein, Ayleen (CA) and Frankenstein, Katie (CA)
6th: Frankenstein, Anika (CA)
7th: Kastenschmidt, Ethan (WI)
8th: Frankenstein, Shy (CA)
9th: Johnson, Sarah (LA)
10th: Frankenstein, Jimel (CA)

Some of these participants made the top 10 Global Leader list. Check it out!
Full article..

September Scrimmage Splash Update

9/12/19 11:55AM
Here are the top students, ranking from 1st-10th after 5 scrimmages:

Sickness, Team (CA)
Frankenstein, Jacob (CA)
Frankenstein, Emily (CA)
Uddin, Labiba (TX)
Tie: Frankenstein, Katie (CA), Frankenstein, Ayleen (CA)
Frankenstein, Anika (CA)
Frankenstein, Shy (CA)
Frankenstein, Jimel (CA)
Frankenstein, William (CA)
Alfaro, Kevin (CA)

Featured topics: Healthcare in the Ancient World, Cells and the Development of Cancer, Basic Elements of Music Theory, Algebra, and Critical Reading.

Be sure to take the final September Splash Scrimmage Thursday, Sept. 12.
Full article..

Academic Decathlon Team Makes A Reappearance At Mar Vista High School

9/10/19 12:42PM
The last time Mar Vista High School had an academic decathlon team was over five years ago; this school year it has made a very welcomed return. Science teacher John Ashley has taken the reigns to become the new coach.

Academic Decathlon is a challenging test of critical thinking and intellectuality.
Full article..

Join us this week for the September Scrimmage Splash!

8/28/19 2:48PM
Take up to 8 scrimmages, 1 each weekday from 9/3 - 9/12 anytime from 12:00 am - 11:59 pm CDT. Each scrimmage is 15 questions, covering Section I from a certain subject. Questions from all subjects will be included on the last day. Open to registered students.

Winners are posted each day. Top three placement is posted on Facebook. Overall winners will be posted after all the scrimmages are done. Scores are included in the global ranking.

Not registered, no problem. If you are training with a team, check with your coach if you have a subscription. If you need a subscription, click Read more... to purchase an individual membership through the Online Training Center.
Full article..

The Race is On

8/28/19 1:59PM
New Global Leader! Since Monday, the 26th, Jonah Waughtal (WI) has taken the lead. Ethan Kastenschmidt (WI) is in 2nd. Out of nowhere Jacob Yeaman (ID) joined the top 10, moving into 3rd. Check out the current entire "Top 10"! They can change at any moment. Full article..

USAD® Online Training is Underway

8/26/19 12:25PM
It's the start of a new season of Academic Decathlon. After 25 days of online training, congratulations to the USAD® Training Center "Top 10"!

1. Ethan Kastenschmidt (WI)
2. Jonah Waughtal (WI)
3. Ayleen Frankenstein (CA)
4. Edward Elric (TX)
5. Lucas Bautista (CA)
6. Emily Frankenstein (CA)
7. Team Sickness (CA)
8. Tori Morales Pinales (TX)
9. (tie) Luc-Tanton Tran (CA)
9. (tie) Andrew Moeller (CA)
Full article..

Online Testing and Training Center is Open

7/25/19 6:33AM
Join us! The website is open for the new season, 2019-2020 In Sickness and in Health: An Exploration of Illness and Wellness. Purchase a team subscription through the USAD® online store or brochure. Individual students can purchase a membership through the website by clicking Full article..

FRANKENSTEIN To Premiere In California At A Noise Within

7/25/19 6:32AM
...This electrifying tale of a creature cast away by his creator into a hostile world-only to wind his way back in a dangerous game of destruction-has captivated audiences for over 200 years. The gothic story comes to life with Nick Dear's adaptation of the chilling fable by Mary Shelley, animating the themes of social rejection, intellectual hubris, and the nascency of good and evil. Full article..

Granada Hills Academic Decathlon Team Honored by Gov. Newsom

7/23/19 8:23AM
Granada Hills Charter High School Academic Decathlon team not only won the state and national competition this year, but also a trip to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office. Full article..

Online Testing and Training Center is Closed for Maintenance

6/12/19 8:42AM
From June 16 through July 31, the Online Testing and Training Center study resource section is closed while the website is updated for the new season.

If you have an electronic order for the 2019-2020 season, you can still download your order. You do not need to log in.

Join us August 1 when the website opens for the new season, 2019-2020 In Sickness and in Health: An Exploration of Illness and Wellness. Purchase a team subscription through the USAD® online store or brochure. Individual students can purchase a membership through the website beginning August 1.
Full article..

LMCHS Class of 2019 graduates

5/31/19 8:24AM
LEMOORE — What does it mean to be distinguished?

Is it back-to-back national academic decathlon championships, earning college credits or a degree, fundraising or completing projects?
Full article..

Preble has strong showing at national decathlon

5/20/19 8:21AM
Preble High School made its mark at the United States Academic Decathlon April 25-27 in Bloomington, Minnesota. Preble competed in Division IV and three students took home individual honors. Full article..

Two for two: Lemoore Middle College High School wins again at Nationals

5/13/19 8:40AM
It may be a bit early to call it a legacy, but in its second trip representing California at the national Academic Decathlon competition, Lemoore Middle College High School did it again: No. 1 against the nation’s best.

Competing against 17 schools up to six times its size in the small and medium school division (Division IV) at Saturday’s Bloomington, Minnesota award ceremony, the 230-student school bested competitors with as many as 1,400 students.
Full article..

Collegiate’s academic decathletes win national honors

5/13/19 8:36AM
The return to the national finals was notable for the Academic Decathlon team from Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy.

The nine-member team, which traveled to the USAD national tournament for the first time since 2016, finished fourth in its division and had a number of team members win medals and scholarships, the coaches said.
Full article..

Cedar Rapids Jefferson academic decathlon team finishes second in national competition

5/13/19 8:31AM
The Cedar Rapids Jefferson Academic Decathlon Team finished second in the very competitive Division II at the national competition last Saturday in Bloomington, Minn. This is the highest Jefferson has ever finished. Full article..

Wilmot wins national Academic Decathlon championship

5/8/19 8:17AM
Transformational. That was part of the theme for this year's United States Academic Decathlon, and it rang true for Wilmot High School Saturday as it took first place in Division 2 of the national championship held in Bloomington, Minn. Full article..

Campo's Academic Decathlon team takes fifth at state finals

4/23/19 12:07PM
The Campolindo Academic Decathlon team won first place in their regional competition for the ninth year in a row, qualifying for the state finals where they finished fifth against 28 other schools in their division. The Aca Deca Club, as it is known, has 30 members, with a core of nine who represented the school in the state finals. Full article..

Bandera decathlon team state champs

4/11/19 4:19PM
The Bandera High School Academic Decathlon team maintained the momentum it gathered in February when it dominated the Regional Academic Decathlon meet in Corpus Christi by finishing first in the Small School Division of the State Academic Decathlon competition in Frisco, March 8 – 10. Full article..

Perfect Decathlon Speech

4/9/19 10:43AM
It was a memorable day for Manteca High. At the 38th annual Academic Decathlon held Saturday at Lathrop High, Solman Aniss delivered a rare perfect 1,000 score in the gold-medal speech competition. “He was the star of the day,” said MHS advisor Michael McCullough of his Stanford-bound senior. Full article..

Team dedication stems from Stockdale's Academic Decathlon coach

4/8/19 3:33PM
When Stockdale High School's Academic Decathlon coach Gaby Scully tries to recruit new members to the team, she tells them a story to convey she is "obsessed" with the team. In 2004, when she was the Academic Decathlon coach at Granada Hills Charter High School in Los Angeles and 8 1/2 months pregnant, she accompanied her team to the state competition in Sacramento. "At one point I looked at my husband and said I didn’t feel 100 percent," Scully said. She gave birth to her son, Glen, the night before the awards ceremony. But even that would not keep her away from cheering on her students. Full article..

Valley Glen high school among San Fernando Valley teams who took top spots at state academic decathl

3/29/19 10:45AM
It was a San Fernando Valley sweep at the state Academic Decathlon held in Sacramento this past weekend, with three local teams filling out the top three spots. Granada Hills Charter High School and El Camino Real Charter School in Woodland Hills have traditionally vied for the top positions, with the former winning first place this year to advance to the national competition. But just behind the two independent charters in third place was Grant High School in Valley Glen. Full article..

LMCHS Academic Decathlon Team wins again at State

3/29/19 9:16AM
Tiny Lemoore Middle College High School has done it again — winning against schools nearly six times its size and becoming a state champion at the California State Academic Decathlon in the small and medium school division over the weekend.

At Sunday’s Sacramento award ceremony, the school of just 230 students bested all schools with up to 1,400 students.
Full article..

Laramie High School to Represent Wyoming at the National Academic Decathlon Competition

3/27/19 10:32AM
LARAMIE -- Eight Laramie High School students attended Academic Decathlon March 17 – 18 in Casper. And for the second straight year, Laramie High School won second place. Wheatland High School was the first-place winner. Because Wyoming won a lottery to allow two teams to compete in the National Academic Decathlon, Laramie has the privilege of being the Division IV competitor for the national competition April 25 - 27 in Bloomington, Minnesota. Full article..

Monmouth Academy’s Academic Decathlon Team state runner-up

3/25/19 10:43AM
The Monmouth Academy Academic Decathlon Team, coached by Cathy Foyt and Scott Foyt, placed second in the State of Maine Academic Decathlon Championship on March 2 at Scarborough High School in Scarborough.

The top five schools in this year’s State Academic Decathlon Championship were Scarborough High School, first; Monmouth Academy, second; Oak Hill High School, third; Hall-Dale High School, fourth; and Bangor High School, fifth.
Full article..

Dulles sets Texas Academic Decathlon record

3/19/19 2:15PM
The Dulles High School Academic Decathlon team is the best in Texas. The team set a state record by scoring 53,202.2 points at the Texas Academic Decathlon Event March 8-9 in San Antonio. It is the first Texas team to score more than 53,000 points. Full article..

Wilmot High School academic decathletes win sixth consecutive state championship

3/18/19 5:30PM
...The nine-member AcaDec team brought their A-game to the the state event Friday held in Wisconsin Dells, wrapping up months of competition, which included local and regional contest. The 1960s serves as this year's curricular theme for the competition.
< br /> Wilmot bested 19 other teams earning top scores on all seven written tests — art, economics, literature, mathematics, music, science and social science.
Full article..

West team places third at Academic Decathlon

3/18/19 5:26PM
Cranston High School West’s Academic Decathlon took third-place overall honors during the statewide competition held Sunday at the Community College of Rhode Island in Warwick.

“I’m really proud of them,” said Christine Luther-Morris, who has coached the school’s Academic Decathlon team for more than a decade. “They’re such a close unit, and so very supportive of each other, that there’s a great cohesiveness with the group. They genuinely care about each other, they look out for one another.”
Full article..

Madison’s Academic Decathlon team wins state for 16th year in a row, heads to nationals

3/18/19 5:24PM
...The seven-year Academic Decathlon coach Paula Hatcher-Maxon said the 16-year streak is wonderful and “a great feeling.” “But, more importantly, it’s not always about seeing them win it,” she said. “It’s seeing them mature and figure out how to study and the joy of seeing them learn all of this and do it on their own.” Full article..

Yosemite High places third in 2019 Madera County Academic Decathlon

3/11/19 9:09AM
Yosemite High School placed third in the 37th annual Madera County Academic Decathlon, just missing a repeat of last year’s first-place finish.

Chowchilla Union High School took home first place with a score of 39,520.4 and will move on to compete in the state competition. Madera South High School finished second.
Full article..

Despite setbacks from Woolsey Fire, Calabasas High three-peats academic decathlon

3/11/19 8:51AM
Neither school closures nor evacuations nor fire and chaos could keep the Calabasas High School Coyotes from taking the top prize at the Ventura County Academic Decathlon for the third year in a row.

The team — all brand-new faces — was waylaid when the Woolsey Fire tore through their neighborhoods in November and wreaked havoc on the practice schedules of the students and their coach. Coach Tyler Lee said that at one point, nearly all his academic decathlon kids had been evacuated.
Full article..

PHS Academic Decathlon team competes at State

3/8/19 2:27PM
The Perry High School Academic Decathlon team competed in the State competition last week at ADM High School in Adel, with the “1960s: A Transformational Decade” lending thematic unity to the contests. Each participant wrote an essay, delivered a speech, held an interview and was tested on his or her knowledge in the areas of art, music, social studies, science, economics, mathematics and literature. Full article..

2019 Academic Decathlon Results - Minnesota

3/7/19 9:37AM
Minnesota high school teams competed in the Minnesota Academic Decathlon® State Competition at Oak Ridge Hotel & Conference Center in Chaska Feb. 24–25. State championship honors went to Avalon School in St. Paul with a score of 36,517.5 They will represent Minnesota at the United States Academic Decathlon Nationals in Bloomington, Minnesota, April 25–27. This is the first time their team has won state championship honors. Full article..

Willits High, Upper Lake High to compete in California Academic Decathlon

3/7/19 9:25AM
UPPER LAKE, Calif. – Lake County’s Academic Decathlon on Saturday once again challenged some of the brightest young minds in the county, with Willits High and Upper Lake High advancing to the state competition in March. The public portion of the event, including the Super Quiz and awards ceremony, took place in the cafeteria at Upper Lake High School. For several years, Willits High has traveled to Lake County to participate in the competition, as no other high schools from Mendocino County have Academic Decathlon teams. This year, Willits’ team put on a winning performing, Full article..

Edison, El Diamante win top honors at Academic Decathlon events

3/7/19 9:19AM
FRESNO, Calif. (KMPH) — Students from across the Central Valley put their knowledge to the test for Academic Decathlon competitions in Fresno and Tulare Counties. This year's theme: the sixties. Students learned about pop culture, and those who advocated for peace and justice. This was the 37th year of the competition in Fresno County. The final phase was hosted at Central High East Campus Edison High School won first place overall. Full article..

KHS brings back Academic Decathlon

3/5/19 5:09PM
KINGSBURG – When Daniel Albers started teaching English at Kingsburg High, little did he know he’d be reinvigorating a tradition of academic vigor and winning awards along the way. Despite having a young team compromised of mostly freshmen and the school not even having an Academic Decathlon group in more than three decades, Albers jumpstarted such a team this year. Full article..

BHS wins regional Academic Decathlon

3/5/19 5:04PM
Last year, the Bandera High School Academic Decathlon team became known as “the beast” because it outscored all the other schools at the regional decathlon whether they were from larger schools than Bandera or not, school officials said. Well, “the beast” apparently reappeared at the state’s Regional Academic Decathlon again earlier this month, as the Bandera High team outperformed the field again, Full article..

Rancho Cucamonga wins first-ever County Academic Decathlon title

3/4/19 2:10PM
After finishing second for the past two years, Rancho Cucamonga High School (Purple) vaulted to its first-ever title in the 36th annual San Bernardino County Academic Decathlon in record-scoring fashion. With 53,538.5 points, Rancho Cucamonga broke the record that rival Chaffey set a year ago in winning its seventh-consecutive Academic Decathlon championship. Full article..

Westover Academic Decathlon team places third in state championship

3/4/19 2:07PM
ATLANTA — After a year of hard work, with many hours of studying, the academic decathlon team at Westover Comprehensive High School put that work to good use with a third-place finish at recent state competition in Atlanta. “I want all my students to realize that when we compete with North Georgia students who have more resources than we have, and our students were still able to compete and bring home a trophy, medals — gold, silver and bronze medals — we have so much to be proud about,” Pamela Heard, a Westover teacher and coach of the decathlon team, said. Full article..

Mel-Min academic decathletes head to state

3/4/19 2:05PM
The Melrose-Mindoro Academic Decathlon team will compete March 6 in the state Academic Decathlon competition in Wisconsin Dells. The Mustangs finished second in the state’s regional competition in Division IV behind Marathon to earn a spot at state. Melrose-Mindoro had the 14th highest score in the state among all divisions in the regionals. Full article..

Palos Verdes Peninsula High’s academic decathlon team on its way to state championship

3/1/19 10:45AM
It’s been an uphill battle, but the Palos Verdes Peninsula High School Academic Decathlon team hopes this is their year. The team, which came in eighth place out of 50 schools in this month’s Los Angeles County decathlon, has earned a wild card berth for the state championship in late March in Sacramento — marking a milestone in the squad’s renaissance. Full article..

Ketchikan and Craig teams compete in state AcDc tournament

3/1/19 10:37AM
The state academic decathlon tournament was February 20-23rd in Anchorage. Teams from Ketchikan and Craig participated. According to Ketchikan High School coach Peter Stanton, after winning state and national championships last year, Kayhi placed 4th overall this year, and 2nd in the team SuperQuiz. Kayhi decathletes also won ten individual medals. Full article..

Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High School academic decathlon team wins state championship

3/1/19 10:36AM
akeview-Fort Oglethorpe High School’s academic decathlon has been crowned the 2019 PAGE Georgia Academic Decathlon (GAD) State Champions. The team, coached by Lisa Beck, Jessica Chandler and Ian Beck, scored the highest points overall in Division I and II and was presented the Howard Stroud Championship Trophy during the two-day academic competition was Feb. 22 and 23 at Parkview High School in Gwinnett County. Full article..

Congratulations to the McDowell Academic Decathlon Team!

2/28/19 2:37PM
The team won an amazing 23 medals and finished 3rd at this weekend’s regional competition at Edinboro University. Kohl Kellogg and Jennifer Wang took home prestigious overall medals, Full article..

RA AcaDec Breaks Team Medal Record

2/28/19 2:32PM
The RA Academic Decathlon team competed in the Eastern Pennsylvania Regional competition on Saturday, February 9th at North Penn High School, Lansdale, PA. The team finished 4th in the region and is awaiting the results of the two other regions to see if we will clinch a wildcard birth for the State competition. Full article..

Seneca Valley Steamrolls To Win In Latest Academic Decathlon

2/28/19 2:26PM
CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP, PA - The Seneca Valley Academic Decathlon Team placed first out of 14 other schools in the recent PA Western Regional Academic Decathlon Competition at Edinboro University. Full article..

USAD is Posting Clues for Next Season's Theme

2/28/19 9:12AM
Can you figure out the theme? Full article..

Lourdes AcaDeca takes state title

2/25/19 12:44PM
The Lourdes Central Catholic School Academic Decathlon team competed in the State Competition on Feb. 15 and 16 at the University of Nebraska, Omaha, and is the 2018-2019 State Champions in the Very Small Schools Division and the State Runner-up in the Small Schools Division. Full article..

Rockwall, Rockwall-Heath Academic Decathlon Teams Soar at Regional Meet

2/22/19 10:18AM
The Rockwall High School and Rockwall-Heath High School Academic Decathlon teams recently competed Regional Academic Decathlon Meet...
The Rockwall HS AcDec team became the Region X Large School Champions and finished with the second overall score in the region by only 200 points out of 48,000...
Full article..

Rancho Cucamonga High wins San Bernardino County Academic Decathlon for the first time

2/22/19 10:16AM
Rancho Cucamonga High School has done something it’s never managed before: On Feb. 2, it won the San Bernardino County Academic Decathlon. Not only that, the school scored a record 53,538.5 points, beating the record set last year Full article..

Sierra High takes 2nd in club division at academic decathlon

2/19/19 2:45PM
Earlier in the school year, Jared Rio took on the task of putting together an Academic Decathlon team for Sierra High. Putting together an academic competition squad had been the long-time hope of Principal Steve Clark, Full article..

West High goes to the top of the class in academic decathlon

2/19/19 2:42PM
After her team won Los Angeles County’s academic decathlon, Annie Dai suddenly did not feel among the best and brightest. She was so excited that, for a moment, she could not remember her name or her age. Her friend Kendall Kirio explained: “It’s not in the guide. Not relevant." Fortunately, when it came to the 700-page study guide, Annie, a 17-year-old senior, was entirely in the groove, along with seven teammates from West High in Torrance. Full article..


2/18/19 5:42PM
It was a memorable day for Manteca High.
At the 38th annual Academic Decathlon held Saturday at Lathrop High, Solman Aniss delivered a rare perfect 1,000 score in the gold-medal speech competition.
Full article..

Beverly Hills High Acadeca Ties For 1st Place In County Academic Decathlon Super Quiz

2/18/19 11:25AM
The Beverly Hills High School Academic Decathlon tied for first place in the LA County Academic Decathlon Super Quiz at a ceremony yesterday afternoon at the Quiet Cannon Country Club Montebello. West High School in Torrance also shared the first place spot with BHHS.

The nine-member team will now compete at the state competition in March.
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Upper Lake High and Willits High School advance to state Academic Decathlon

2/18/19 11:08AM
UPPER LAKE— Student teams from Clear Lake, Upper Lake and Willits High School competed in an academic decathlon Saturday. The Super Quiz is the culminating event which took place in the Upper Lake High School cafeteria. The topic of the super quiz was the 1960s. The winner of each county moves forward to the state level competition in March. Willits took first place in the Super Quiz with Upper Lake taking second and Clear Lake coming in third. Full article..

Academic Decathlon tests students' knowledge on the groovy '60s

2/15/19 10:31AM
After studying World War II and Africa the past two years for the Kern County Academic Decathlon, high-school students had a more groovy topic to learn about this year — the 1960s. Since the start of the new school year, teams of students from schools across the county have been learning about the 1960s as it relates to science, music, literature and other subjects. Full article..

Alice High School academic decathlon team headed to state

2/15/19 10:30AM
It’s official. The Alice High School academic decathlon team is once again headed to state. It was announced Sunday morning at the Region III competition that Alice was one of the region’s schools headed to the 2019 Texas Academic Decathlon State Finals in March. Full article..

Benjamin Franklin High School wins Los Angeles Unified School District's 2018-19 Academic Decathlon

2/14/19 10:16AM
Benjamin Franklin High School has won the 2018-19 Academic Decathlon for the Los Angeles Unified School District, officials announced Saturday. “Today you shined the brightest with your skill, hard work and determination,” the district tweeted in its announcement. Full article..

Rancho Cucamonga wins first-ever County Academic Decathlon title

2/14/19 10:09AM
After finishing second for the past two years, Rancho Cucamonga High School (Purple) vaulted to its first-ever title in the 36th annual San Bernardino County Academic Decathlon in record-scoring fashion. With 53,538.5 points, Rancho Cucamonga broke the record that rival Chaffey set a year ago Full article..

Edison, El Diamante win top honors at Academic Decathlon events

2/14/19 9:48AM
FRESNO, Calif. (KMPH) — Students from across the Central Valley put their knowledge to the test for Academic Decathlon competitions in Fresno and Tulare Counties. This year's theme: the sixties. Full article..

Checkout the Current Global Leaders!

2/13/19 3:57PM
After 6 months of Head-to-Head Challenges and scrimmages, Sophie Cope (TX) is the current USAD Online Training Center Global Leader. Lucas Bautista (CA) follows in 2nd place with Daniele Dizon (NJ) in 3rd. To see the entire "Top 10", click Full article..

Eskimo Ninja Nick Hanson talks to Fairbanks students about triumphing over setbacks

2/11/19 12:35PM
“Know who you are.” That was the message Eskimo Ninja Nick Hanson shared with students at local Fairbanks schools this week. Hanson is a world-class athlete, best known for his four seasons competing on the NBC television show “American Ninja Warrior.” A lifelong resident of Unalakleet, Hanson has become a mentor for teen athletes and a role model for Alaska’s youth. Full article..

Academic Decathlon team finds success at competition

2/11/19 12:28PM
YORK – The York High Academic Decathlon team competed at a regional event on Jan. 19. The team ended its season by placing third of six teams. Full article..

NRHS Academic Decathlon team defends regional title

2/5/19 9:09AM
The New Richmond High School Academic Decathlon team defended its regional title for the seventh year in a row on Friday, Jan. 11 at the UW-Eau Claire/Barron County campus. Full article..

Elsinore High School clinches title at Riverside County Academic Decathlon

2/5/19 9:05AM
MORENO VALLEY – Elsinore High School defeated 18 high school teams to claim the championship at the 36th Riverside County Academic Decathlon sponsored by the Riverside County Office of Education on Saturday, Jan. 26, and Saturday, Feb. 2, at Vista del Lago High School in Moreno Valley. Full article..

Academic Decathlon teams hold virtual meet

1/29/19 9:32AM
This past weekend, Ketchikan, Craig and Juneau-Douglas high school Academic Decathlon teams met in their second annual virtual tournament, with 48 decathletes competing from the region. Teams stayed at home for competition and shared scores online before ending the tournament with a SuperQuiz held via web conference. According to Ketchikan High School coach Peter Stanton, there were five different teams in the Super Quiz event, with Kayhi Team 1 tying for second place with Craig High School, and Kayhi Team 2 taking third. Full article..

Wilmot decathlon team takes second at regionals

1/29/19 9:22AM
The Wilmot Academic Decathlon team continued its legacy of success last weekend with a second-place finish at the regional competition held at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. The team advances to the state competition for the 15th consecutive year, Full article..

Seneca Valley Wins Third Straight Academic Decathlon

1/25/19 9:09AM
The Seneca Valley Academic Decathlon Team is on a roll. For the third time in a row, it finished first in a regional Academic Decathlon Competition...Seneca Valley competed against 14 other schools in seven events: art, music, literature, social science, economics, math and science. Full article..

LAUSD’s student decathletes wait ... while teachers’ strike chips away at their chance to compete

1/21/19 11:40AM
...The Academic Decathlon, among the most anticipated annual events for student scholars, is just around the corner for Los Angeles Unified School District students as well as competitors around the state. Ideally, the strike will end by early next week so they’ll be able to compete. Full article..

Armuchee High School Wins Floyd County Schools Academic Decathlon

1/17/19 4:26PM
The Armuchee High Academic Decathlon team was crowned champions in the Floyd County Schools Academic Decathlon competition held at the Floyd County Board of Education central office on Friday, January 11, 2019. Alexander Hammond of Model High was the highest scoring individual participant this year Full article..

Wilmot UHS Academic Decathlon team places second at the 2019 UW-Whitewater Regional

1/17/19 4:25PM
The Wilmot Union High School Academic Decathlon team placed second Friday at the UW-Whitewater Regional to advance to the state finals for the 15th consecutive year. The Panthers squared off against nine other opponents and were edged by the team from Watertown by fewer than 80 points (a .2% margin). Full article..

Local high school students compete in academic decathlon

1/15/19 2:27PM
Albany High School hosted a decathlon on Thursday to test students on their general knowledge. Monroe, Westover and Dougherty Comprehensive schools all competed for a chance to advance to the regional decathlon and possibly earn a scholarship. Full article..

Westover Comprehensive High School wins academic decathlon, advancing to state level

1/11/19 11:21AM
The team representing Westover Comprehensive High School won the Dougherty County School System’s annual District Academic Decathlon on Thursday, a competition of general knowledge and trivia for Dougherty County high school students. Full article..

#1StudentNWI: Holidays and Academics at La Lumiere

12/31/18 11:09AM
On Saturday December 1, La Lumiere’s Academic Decathlon team traveled to Kankakee Valley High School in Wheatfield, Indiana for their first competition of the year. Six La Lu students attended the invitational and competed in ten events. The topic which these students have been diligently studying is the 1960s in the USA. Full article..

Academic Decathlon teams meet in Craig

12/31/18 10:58AM
Ketchikan, Craig and Juneau-Douglas high school Academic Decathlon teams gathered in Craig for their first tournament of the school year. According to Ketchikan High School coach Peter Stanton, the Kayhi team split into two groups for the Super Quiz event, and took second and third place. Craig High School coach Jessica Hughes says the home teams took fifth and sixth in Super Quiz. Full article..

Check out the Global Leaders

12/11/18 8:39AM
After 4 months Daniel Dizon (NJ) is in the lead followed by Lucas Bautista (CA) in 2nd and Sophie Cope (TX) in 3rd. Ranking is based on Online Training Center Head-to_head Challenges and online scrimmage scores. Click Read more to see who made the top 10. Full article..

The BHHS Academic Decathlon Team picked up 20 awards

12/11/18 8:32AM
The BHHS Academic Decathlon Team picked up 20 awards at the Los Angeles County Scrimmage at West High School. Over 180 students from 10 high schools competed Full article..

Detroit's gift to TV crime dramas? The actress who plays Kasie on 'NCIS'

12/5/18 8:28AM
...Reasonover also credits Renaissance High, where her academic decathlon team made it to the nationals, with expanding her worldview,... Full article..

Seneca Valley Wins Academic Decathlon

11/7/18 9:22AM
CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP, PA - Seneca Valley High School's academic decathlon team placed first among eighteen schools, and brought home a total of 25 medals recently in the Academic Decathlon Competition at Clarion-Limestone High School. Full article..

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