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Scrimmage: Fall 2018
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Head-to-Head Challenge Highlights

Irene Clark won a head-to-head challenge in Art! 6/14/2018 1:15PM CT
Kryton Bess won a head-to-head challenge in Mathematics! 5/15/2018 4:30PM CT
Michael Hernandez won a head-to-head challenge in Art! 5/15/2018 4:24PM CT
Michael Hernandez tied Kryton Bess in a head-to-head challenge in Art! 5/15/2018 4:19PM CT
Allisa Chilton won a head-to-head challenge in Mathematics! 5/3/2018 6:03PM CT

Online Scrimmage Highlights

Ian Youth (ME) and Jenna Matus (CA). Winners of the April 13th International Mid Month Mixed Scrimmage Scrimmage. Congratulations, Ian and Jenna! 4/13/2018 12:00AM CT
Ian Youth (ME) and Hannah Lee (TX). Winners of the March 23rd International March Mad Dash Scrimmage Blitz - Literature Scrimmage. Congratulations, Ian and Hannah! 3/23/2018 12:00AM CT
Ethan Kastenschmidt (WI). Winner of the March 21st International March Mad Dash Scrimmage Blitz - Mathematics Scrimmage. Congratulations, Ethan! 3/21/2018 12:00AM CT

Recent News

What are the benefits of Academic Decathlon?

6/12/18 8:49AM
There are just too many to list, so here are some key reasons: Read more..

Top Global Leaders at the of the 2017-2018 Season

6/6/18 2:26PM
As the 2017-2018 comes to an end, there are 5 states represented in the Global Leaders Top 10. Ian Youth (ME) is the leader. Ethan Kastenschmidt (WI) is in 2nd followed by David Guzman (TX) in 3rd. To see the other states represented and the entire Top 10 list, click Read more..

El Camino Real Charter High wins U.S. Academic…

4/23/18 9:16AM
WOODLAND HILLS — El Camino Real Charter High School bested competition from across the country and around the world to win the 2018 U.S. Academic Decathlon in Frisco, Texas, school district officials announced today (April 21). Read more..

Recent Videos

Join EDC Academic Decathlon

4/16/18 9:40AM
by EDCOE on Vimeo Watch video..

UHS Academic Decathlon

4/12/18 10:13AM
Interview Watch video..

Academic Decathlon team gears up to compete across the country

3/12/18 10:57AM
JACKSON, Tenn. — Meet the Madison Academic 2018 Academic Decathlon team. They have dominated regional and statewide competitions, and now they are getting ready to take their talents to the national stage in Dallas. Watch video..

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